2010 Recap

This is my recap for 2010. This past year has been exciting, full of growth and progress. Talk To Me Johnnie was launched and CrossFit Football made it into it’s second year. We have been working on a site redesign and many other advances to come. For my year end wrap up, I have decided to answer a few questions I did not get a chance to respond to in 2010...

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Course Syllabus

Hey John, I've just been reading a lot of material on the Paleo diet, and I believe I've gotten a lot of the science down pat and analyzed. But now, I'm wondering more about programming and the type of reading I should be doing. I've taken the CFFB Level 1 Cert, and I'm wondering if there's any specific books your would recommend? Per chance some Mark Rippetoe? Anthony Yes! I have been waiting [...]

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