#Occupy Farmland

Hey John...Thank you. You have given so much with TTMJ and the CFFB site, it has had a profound impact on my life. Suffice it to say I went from a 180# off of traditional CF programming to 208# off of CFFB from August 2011 to the present. My CFFB total has evolved from below 1000 to 1335 for the latest one on the site (Post-#OS Chicago), in which every single lift was a PR (PC 240, SQ 365, BP 230, DL 500). Your site is an invaluable resource, and the shit works, period. Thank you for giving us a small glimmer if what it is like to be "Welbourn Strong". I will be seeing you soon as I am bringing a group to get their cert's at the Bloomington-Normal weekend...

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Praise from CrossFitters

What is important about this is by using CF Football it allowed for better periodization, tapering and peaking for competition. No one can stay on the razors edge of fitness all year long. If Crossfit is your sport I think one of the ways to approach your year long training program is to use CFF as your strength base in the off season...

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I am the head track coach at Bountiful High School in Utah.  I decided in November to implement the CFFB program in my conditioning and see the effect it had on my upcoming season, which had promise but needed some serious development.  It did not take long for the athletes in my program to believe in the system and wish for more every day.  I had kids in the weight room every day [...]

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