What CrossFit Football Taught Me

"CrossFit Football was a completely separate, different animal. Here was a CrossFit branded training program with a periodized strength template coupled with short, heavy, hard, and fast conditioning workouts mixed with sprints and change of direction...People fucking ate it up."

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2011 Recap

This is my recap for 2011. This past year has seen a lot of growth and we are excited for 2012. Talk To Me Johnnie is heading into another year and CrossFit Football made it into it’s third year. Just like last year, we have decided to make the last post of 2011 a recap. Enjoy....

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Why Talk To Me Johnnie?

I guess the first question I should answer is why “Talk To Me Johnnie”? As many of you may or may not know there was a time when I did not use a computer for more than paying some bills and looking at cars and motorcycles. I had no desire to read forums, personal websites, no Facebook or Twitter. I had played in the NFL for the a decade and the internet was [...]

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Copyrighted Material

When it's created, it's copyrighted. I recently read an article on training site about copyrights and stealing intellectual property. I thought it was fitting topic for Talk To Me Johnnie as the information I provide is both original and freely given. Even though it is given away and I provide it in the hopes that are others will learn from my experiences, it is my property, it is copyrighted and it is owned. [...]