FORM Lifting: Use The Force

When I first started training with weights, I was obsessed with the practice of moving a weight or object from point A to point B in as short a period of time as possible. The ability to move an object faster in the weight room translated to football field better than anything short of learning to anticipate the snap count - I defined this as power. Power as you know is found in [...]

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Strong. Awesome.

Hey Johnny, What do you recommend for post workout nutrition. I train in a box where EVERYONE is very Paleo and as soon as I start whipping out my shakers of BCAA's, protein powders, carnatine and glutamine, all while munching down on my banana, I'm the brunt of the joke at the gym. (I get my own back though considering my name is at the top of the boards on the daily WODs and most of the big lifts)...

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Do I need to be in Shape?

Going through both CrossFit Football site, SoCal/Balboa and your new FAQ Talk to me Johnnie site and I notice a consistent message of strength, power and speed.  I recently went to a Starting Strength Seminar and came away from it with a newfound respect for strength as the basis for all athletics.  My question relates to strength as an underlying prerequisite for further progression on CrossFit Football or even as a precursor for [...]

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