Herpes on a First Date

Hello John, Just found your presentation on YouTube, very interesting. I am a strength equipment design engineer. I invented the 1st weight stack machine allowing for anytime weight change, without touching the pin or stopping the exercise. I have a few patents and a number of advanced strength machine concepts that go beyond what is on the conventional market;  I am a big fan of the philosophy "if you want become more functional [...]

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Course Syllabus

Hey John, I've just been reading a lot of material on the Paleo diet, and I believe I've gotten a lot of the science down pat and analyzed. But now, I'm wondering more about programming and the type of reading I should be doing. I've taken the CFFB Level 1 Cert, and I'm wondering if there's any specific books your would recommend? Per chance some Mark Rippetoe? Anthony Yes! I have been waiting [...]

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