Amortization Phase

This phase of movement refers to the bridge between the eccentric and concentric phases. The amortization phases uses the stretch shortening cycle (SSC) in production of power, as the length of amortization is a vital component in your ability to display your strength. If the amortization phase is slow, the energy stored during the eccentric phase dissipates, thereby reducing the effect and killing power...

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FORM Lifting: Use The Force

When I first started training with weights, I was obsessed with the practice of moving a weight or object from point A to point B in as short a period of time as possible. The ability to move an object faster in the weight room translated to football field better than anything short of learning to anticipate the snap count - I defined this as power. Power as you know is found in [...]

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Ski & CFFB

Hey John...Wondering if CFFB is appropriate for alpine skiing/racing? In the past I’ve used CrossFit for off/on season training and during that short duration, my strength never really progressed to a desired level; total shocker. I’m not the type to combine 20 different programs into my own secret squirrel special sauce, so I am looking for some guidance...

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