I want to thank you for the programming. I don't play football, but I did reap the benefits of your training today. I caught a guy breaking into my truck and trying to steal my dog and guitar this afternoon. WTF! I sprinted over and leapt while kicking the door into his body and then preceded to beat him mercilessly and finally, power clean and body slam him into a wall. Without your program, I wouldn't have been able to do what had to be done; sprinting, jumping, beating down was just another DWOD. Now I am going to have some tequila...

Crock Pot Diaries: Big Bubba Beef Ribs

Here is another installment from the Crock Pot Diaries. This time we journey away from the other white meat to the only meat that really matters: red meat. I also selected one of my favorite cuts, ribs. They are tasty and with the meat conveniently attached to a bone, they are a home run. I have always thought ribs are to meat as stick is to corn dog. And since I don't eat corn dogs anymore, I have to substitute with ribs. Enjoy this latest thriller from the Crock Pot.

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Crock Pot Diaries: Salsa Verde Pork

John...Thanks for the coffee grounds beef crock pot recipe. I saved my coffee grounds this morning in anticipation of making it tonight. Any help with a crock pot recipe for pork?...I have a favorite recipe for pork shoulder/butt inspired by Seaside Kitchen's, Cassidy Flynn. I have made this about 10 times in the last few months and believe I have something special. For best results, consume with generous helping of Red Bridge beer...

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