Gaining Serious Muscle, Seriously?

Dear Johnnie, I am 22 years old, 5'8" and a half, and 168 pounds. I am approximately 14 percent body fat. I am looking to lose fat, while also gaining some serious lean muscle. CF Football seems to be a great way to gain muscle, but I am a little worried I won't lose very much fat. Obviously that is hard for you to answer given that everyone is different, but it would [...]

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Bulking in a Bind

I have been following Field Strong and the Bulking Protocol and making great gains but I am having trouble find protein sources when traveling and away from home. If I am lucky enough to prepare my snacks, I survive on cold meat loaf and chicken...

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Strong. Awesome.

Hey Johnny, What do you recommend for post workout nutrition. I train in a box where EVERYONE is very Paleo and as soon as I start whipping out my shakers of BCAA's, protein powders, carnatine and glutamine, all while munching down on my banana, I'm the brunt of the joke at the gym. (I get my own back though considering my name is at the top of the boards on the daily WODs and most of the big lifts)...

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Weight Gain & Female Athletes

John, I was wondering what you suggest for your female athletes with regards to their body changes. I started eating Paleo in January and have succeeded in eliminating all grains and dairy (never drank milk before anyway) and I do feel great In May, I weighed 115 lbs at 5' tall and my body fat was 15%. Fast forward to August, now I weigh 110 lbs and my concern is whether it was [...]

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