CrossFit Football Cert, Loren Cordain & FRCF

John – You guys travel a lot for CrossFit Football and have seen a good number of boxes. How do boxes differ and which ones are you excited to see? Jake L. If you haven’t noticed, after we did our international tour we took a few weeks off to regroup and rest up before we head out on the road. We are very excited to head to Skip Miller’s box, Front Range CrossFit, [...]

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Doomed to Lose Muscle Mass?

Hey Johnnie, This question has been bugging the crap out of me and I can't seem to get a complete answer. My question is very basic, why is there such difference in body composition between olympic athletes? I have seen olympic meets where you can compare 77kg (169lb'ish) lifters; some are completely jacked while others are straight up skinny! Is this a difference in genetics, training programming, and diet? The reason I ask [...]

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