NFL fans, people outside, they have no clue what goes on. This isn’t like playing Madden...The thing about football is you’re directly playing with your life, the quality of it and the longevity of it...We consider football a gladiator sport because we understand you’re going to get hurt...You might not die now, like in an old Roman arena, but 5, 10 years down the road, you could...

Strong. Awesome.

Hey Johnny, What do you recommend for post workout nutrition. I train in a box where EVERYONE is very Paleo and as soon as I start whipping out my shakers of BCAA's, protein powders, carnatine and glutamine, all while munching down on my banana, I'm the brunt of the joke at the gym. (I get my own back though considering my name is at the top of the boards on the daily WODs and most of the big lifts)...

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Diet & Neurodegeneration

“The more processed food you eat as an athlete the more likely you will suffer long-term damage from your concussion.” – Dr. Jack Kruse. Leave it to a smart friend to send me an article on diet and neurodegeneration called, "Where CTE, Diet and Neurodegeneration Meet" by Dr. Jack Kruse…thanks Robb.

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Why Talk To Me Johnnie?

I guess the first question I should answer is why “Talk To Me Johnnie”? As many of you may or may not know there was a time when I did not use a computer for more than paying some bills and looking at cars and motorcycles. I had no desire to read forums, personal websites, no Facebook or Twitter. I had played in the NFL for the a decade and the internet was [...]

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