Ketogenic Diets

Is there any fast food out there that is worth a damn? And what about Ketogenic Diets? Are they really good for performance and health? While I do not advocate the consuming of fast food...I do have one weakness...In-N-Out Burger. A Double Double with Onions Protein Style is my order of choice when we looking for a quick meal. For those of you that are not from California and are not familiar with In-N-Out [...]

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Ketogenic Diets & Performance

      I posted two articles on training and ketogenic diets that have caused some confusion so I thought I would post the questions and responses for some dialogue. Metabolism and Ketosis - Protein Power Ketogenic diets and physical performance - Nutrition & Metabolism Erik Behan asked a question... There are a couple points of note in the second article that I think need to be addressed by someone smarter than me. [...]

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