Low Testosterone, Cortisol & CrossFit

Johnnie, I need some advice; an athlete of mine was recently told that his low testosterone readings at his general health check-up could be a result of his “metcons”. The argument was that his “metcons” are raising his cortisol levels and lowering his testosterone levels.  Would putting this athlete on the amateur program coupled with shorter “metcons” (in the 7-12 min range) be an appropriate course of action or suggestion? Thanks! Katie S. [...]

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Increasing IGF-1

John, What's the deal with Deer Antler Extract? Are people really using it in the NFL? It seems totally bogus and the PR around it is very interesting in the NFL. Reminds me of Creatine back in the 90's. But Creatine has actually been studied and shows it actually is beneficial for the weight trainer...

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