From CFFB to PL’n

If you want to train in the group and their program follows a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split, then train the major lifts on these days. However, make sure you are supplementing these main lifts with plenty of accessory work to keep your volume high. Powerlifting is built around being about to perform 3 main lifts for a single rep. Rugby is a game built around a series of 5-10 second max effort sprint/hits followed by 20-50 seconds...

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Circus Hands

Keep training. You are on the right track, your friends are the ones who are fucked up. Most raw lifters should be able to deadlift more than they squat. Once you approach your limit on the strength curve, you start to see squat numbers matching the deadlift. But this won't happen until you are so far advanced you won't give a shit about this site...If I come across a raw lifter whose squat is equal or more than his deadlift, I assume he does not pull heavy in training. Or he has very small hands and is best suited to join the circus...

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Deadlifts & Viagra

Hey John, Love the program and thank you for what you do for us.  I was a collegiate rower over a decade ago, but since then have given up the long steady-state work and have fallen in love with strength training.  I’ve been on the Amateur program for about 1 year now and I’ve been making good strides in my overall strength.  But I know I have a weak link…my lower back (and [...]