What CrossFit Football Taught Me

In 2008, I wrecked my knee in the last pre-season game in Boston and I knew I needed help if I was going to give football another chance. Really, I needed to have something done if I wanted to lead a normal life (however one defines that).

I called Kelly Starrett for advice. He not only recommended the Ortho he was working with at the time, he offered me his couch while I recovered. I will always be grateful for his help, as that was a strange time for me.

Since I was a high school freshman, my sole focus was football. I knew school was important but it did not have the same luster, so, like most 14 year olds, I focused on the thing that shined the brightest. I knew football was seasonal, but training was year round. Luckily, I really enjoyed lifting weights. The sound of iron rattling on the bar during a set, the dry smell of chalk, hearing a stack of weights slam into the ground after a heavy pull, the blood on my shins – it all spoke to me. The post-training euphoria and the looks I got from people as I got bigger and stronger was addictive, too. But what I enjoyed most was how I could draw a straight line between my training gains and on-field performance. As my squat went up, I got faster. As I ran faster, I hit harder. Harder hits knocked my opponents down, garnering from colleges and the media. That culminated with winning the LA Times Lineman of the year, numerous scholarship offers, and a full ride for the University of California at Berkeley.

I loved college, but not for the Saturday football games or dollar drinks on Tuesday nights. I enjoyed the education. I was challenged every day by some of the smartest people on the planet at a time when I was an open book, full of blank pages. I believe my experience there was one of the richest. Berkeley is the decision I will never regret.

Moving to the NFL was another big step. From high school to college, I was an 18-year kid playing football with 23 year old men. Now I was a 23 year old man playing with men in their late 20s, 30s and even some in their 40s.


I was fortunate to start the first game of my NFL career. It was a great day for about 2 quarters. Right before half time, I suffered a near career ending rupture of my patellar tendon. I had surgery that night and started a rehab program in an attempt to fight out of the depths of despair and earn a spot on an NFL rooster. But wouldn’t you know it, next season on opening day, I was the starter again and once again, all was right in the world. The hard work and ethic forged while training was what drove me to overcome that painful experience just one year prior. Just as I had worked to earn a scholarship in high school, I had to train myself to fight back from a career ending injury, and fulfill a promise a young kid made to himself when his peewee basketball coach said he would never make it past the first day of football.

Fast-forward 10 years of a hundred plus NFL starts and playing in front of millions of fans, and I was contemplating a new career for the first time in my life. While I had had jobs over the course of my life, I had never really done anything other than be a student and play football.

As I sat down to figure the next chapter of my life, two opportunities came about.

I had been a Rhetoric major in college and always had aspirations of being a lawyer, so naturally, the first was to follow the path laid out in college and be an attorney like my father and brother. When it looked like my career was coming to close, I searched for the next LSAT test and started requesting law school applications.

I considered rehabbing my knee and attempting an 11th season, but around that time, I got a call from a former teammate. He had a seizure while listening to music at a bar. Doctors found extensive damage to his brain as a result of using his head as a battering ram for most of a decade. My friend was a year older, but I had more time with more starts. I figured if there was ever a time to move on, it was now.

The second option materialized while in Washington DC. Months before I had been training at a CrossFit gym before my 10th season and was convinced at the last minute to compete in the CrossFit Games as part of the documentary, “Every Second Counts”, where I met Crossfit CEO, Greg Glassman. Fast forward to while recovering from surgery, Greg asked me support a talk he was doing at the National War College. At a celebratory dinner, Greg suggested I create a power-based program called CrossFit Football. The original intent was to create a program for field sports by taking the CrossFit methodology from broad and general to focused and specific.


The opportunity to create a specific program for CrossFit was exciting. In 2008, CrossFit was this small collection of gyms banded together like a fleet of pirate ships ready to take on the world of fitness and change the training conversation for the masses. While still small, I saw the power in the “brand” and was amazed at the blind loyalty the CrossFit community maintained. I knew from day 1 CrossFit was going to be big and if I wanted to bring my brand of training to the world, this would be the opportunity. So I put my law school applications on hold and headed out to Prescott, Arizona to present my program to Greg and Lauren Glassman.

Greg and Lauren were ecstatic and 30 days later, I launched CrossFit Football. That first day was overwhelming, I got 17k hits in 100 plus countries and 400 plus emails asking what CrossFit Football was, how the program differed from traditional CrossFit, and how to begin.


Up until this point, many just knew CrossFit as what was posted daily on CrossFit.com. There were other programs floating around like CrossFit Endurance or Strength Bias, but those were supplemental programs that coincided with the “main site” WODs.

CrossFit Football was a completely separate, different animal. Here was a CrossFit branded training program with a periodized strength template coupled with short, heavy, hard, and fast conditioning workouts mixed with sprints and change of direction.

People fucking ate it up.

The knock on CrossFit by haters the world over is it would make you small and weak, given its propensity towards 20 plus minute metcons and limited barbell work interspersed throughout the training. But my program put the strength front and center, with accessory work wrapped up in short, heavy little packages. Next thing you know, people were getting stronger, putting on muscle, and wanting more. I had a loyal following.

The “more” came in two forms – a traveling seminar and my blog, Talk To Me Johnnie.

The seminar was always a bit of conundrum, as it was an S&C seminar for coaches wanting to train field sport athletes. The training I was teaching every Saturday and Sunday around the globe was different than the training I was offering on CrossFitFootball.com.

But I didn’t see a problem as I thought the methodology was sound. If I could make people bigger, stronger, more powerful with loads of capacity, shouldn’t this translate into better athletes?

Not so fast.

It was not what I was seeing at the seminars. Many people doing my training came to the seminar struggling with the basics like squatting, pulling, sprinting, change of direction, heck… even basic movement.


You have to remember, my NFL tenure made me an elitist. I was fortunate to work with the world’s best athletes and I got to test my skill, strength, and athleticism every day on the world’s biggest stage. The seminar was not like this. Many days I left pulling hair out as attendees struggled to master the basics needed for athleticism.

About this time I started Talk To Me Johnnie to answer questions about CrossFit Football. I believed if one person had a question, someone else would have the same question, so I used this to answer whatever hit my inbox.

Now I had the ability to say what I was thinking without representing any brand. I could be honest and spray realism whether they wanted it or not.

In 2011, an email asking, “What would CrossFit Football look like without the CrossFit?” got me thinking. There was friction with CrossFit’s core methodology, and understandably so, I was offering a CrossFit branded program yet not teaching movements performed at high intensity.

I was not teaching fitness with increased work capacity of broad time and modal domains. I was teaching performance as success on the field, pitch, ice, or track. I was teaching athleticism as “the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine primal movement patterns though space to accomplish a known or novel task.”

This email helped me see the different objectives. And while we both were looking for excellence it was just in difference contexts. I wrote a response called “Power Athlete Template”, where I outlined the training program I would use to train my athletes. I posted it and the next day I got a few dozen emails asking for specific programming.

To grow, I needed to move toward developing training that fosters field performance and athleticism.

Fitness is great and should be strived for daily, but it is also personal as the level you need is related your application. My athletes must be big, strong, and fast with perfect movement so they could win on the field. Thus, their level of fitness must directly correlate. As I wrote in my blog post, “Do I Have To Be In Shape?” your level of fitness must be high enough to survive training. Anything beyond that is counterproductive and only saps time and energy better used for skill development and cultivating athleticism.

Regardless of what people tell you, Fitness and Athleticism are mutually exclusive. You can increase your fitness without moving your feet. You can’t develop your athleticism standing in place thrustering duck footed - you have to move.

You develop athleticism through the constant pursuit of perfect movements. By paying close attention to how you are moving both unbounded and in relation to others/objects, you improve athleticism.


Inspired, I launched Power Athlete and the Field Strong training program. Over my years of playing football, I noticed people were either weight room strong or field strong, very rarely both. Weight room strong is good if we got paid for our performance in the weight room. Unfortunately for a lot of strong guys, I got paid for what we did on the field.

I was in that rare group whose weight room gains translated into field strength. I knew the training I had created over the years would help others have the same results. From experience, I knew what worked.

Therefore, I segmented my brand, changed my direction, and started posting training on both sites. The training on Power Athlete was more representative of what I was teaching at the CrossFit Football seminar.

That said the CrossFit Football program has always been part of my personality.

The movie “Fight Club” profoundly impacted me.

“Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer.”

The program given away freely on CrossFitFootball.com is a strength heavy program with short, heavy, hard metcons that kicked you in the groin daily. There was little thought given towards recovery or training cycles; just go, and go hard.

There is something gratifying about walking into the gym and destroying yourself during a workout. I find if I miss a training day, I come back and hurt myself. When I get home from a particularly rough training day, my wife will know by the smile on my face, to which she says, “Good one, huh?”

Another side note, I met my wife at the CrossFit gym. She competed in the CrossFit Games and I know she dreams of the days the kids are all in school and she can focus on her training again.

“Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction…“

While self-destruction has always been central, self-improvement is equally important to me.


Power Athlete is the other part of my personality as I am obsessed with improving performance by developing athleticism.

I buy every book, read everything related (often multiple times), and search out the most knowledgeable guests for my podcast, Power Athlete Radio, to build, develop, and discuss athleticism.

I believe I can put an un-athletic person into my training system and improve their athleticism. And I believe all things being equal, the more athletic a person is, the more they will accomplish in sport.

For years, these two aspects of my personality raged a war to balance both sides.

Serendipitously, CrossFit HQ wanted to discuss revamping the CrossFit Football seminar to make it more sport specific, focused on training athletes for sport - similar to what I do at Power Athlete. The seminar was already there, it just needed a little push.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity CrossFit provided to develop my thoughts in real time via CrossFit Football and its global seminar. Without CrossFit Football, I would have never created Power Athlete and started the conversation on developing athleticism and its training model.

With the rebrand in full effect, what was I going to do with CrossFit Football if the seminar evolved past the original purpose of the website?

I had offered this program freely for 8 years with thousands of people coming to the site daily for training. It is a part of the CrossFit story.

Like the seminar, maybe CrossFit Football needed a new direction.

It needs a new image that spoke to the program’s true intent - create bad motherfuckers that can go hard and fast. While this was not at the forefront, periodically I would receive updates or pictures from people following the program and they were savages.


One time I met a girl who followed the CrossFit Football program, and she looked like something out of Marvel Comics movie. I’ve met more than a few guys over the years and thought, “What the fuck has he been doing for his training?” The answer was always CrossFit Football.

I cannot shut it down.

Enter Johnnie WOD.

You might not be old enough to remember "OG" Johnny Wadd but do a quick search. I guarantee you will never forget him. He famously swung a 12-pound hammer better than anybody.

Therefore, taking a cue from the Johnnies and a massive sense of humor Johnnie WOD will offer the same training as CrossFit Football but without the facade. I am done pretending CFFB is about on-field performance; I have Power Athlete for that.

Johnnie WOD is about getting down and dirty, banging heavy weights and crushing WODs with some innuendos, humor and a smile.

“Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction…”

Welcome to Johnnie WOD.

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162 Responses to What CrossFit Football Taught Me

  1. John Porter Jr

    I must admit that when I logged on just a few minutes ago, I thought it was one of those “bad server” type of situations. But I read further and was saddened to see CFFB is coming to an end after 8 years. Since 2009, I’ve lived through the GFYs, the dick-punching that was handed out freely by everyone, the naysayers of the program, and of course Ive discovered various badass athletes from all over the world. I’ve been using CFFB and it has lead me to 18 masters track Natl championships. I wasn’t even this strong/powerful in my HS/college days. I’ve learned so much about myself and it’s even helped me change my clients lives as well.
    Though I will miss it, I’m looking forward to what JohnnieWOD will bring. Kudos to you JohnW and the PAHQ crew for EVERYTHING. And as I always say: Onward & Upward.

  2. Ingo "Joey Swole" B

    Here comes the butt hurt in 3…2….1….

  3. phil

    Good for you John and PA Staff. Keep up the good work! I am a Grindstone disciple but continued to follow the OG – I am curious to see what JOHNNIEWOD brings to the family.

  4. Hirst

    What will become of the archived CFFB wods? Will they be taken to the grave or will they still be available for use?

  5. Trautman

    I can’t see anybody complaining about 10 bucks but I am pretty sure Steve Weatherford never did CFFB. I could be wrong but I thought he got that shirt after selling your advice on the compex

    • John

      Steve found me through CFFB. We worked together with Compex and still talk. He just sent me Armageddon to try out for the next 6 weeks. But what do I know.

  6. JPizzle

    If there’s gonna be any butthurt people IngoB, we’ll know on Monday when they log on the CFFB and see what I saw. I thought they were hacked for a sec. lol

  7. Matt Ischenko

    aaaaaannnnndddddd stilllllllllll the most important voice in strength and conditioning….. Jooooohhhhhhhhnnnn Wwwwweeeellllllbbbbbooouuurrrnnn. I mean that with the most sincerest of praise. CFFB started my change and field strong/ grindstone maintained my sanity. Time to get down and dirty.cant wait.

  8. Mark L

    Man, I’m really going to miss CFFB. It’s the first thing I transitioned from mainsite, and I’ve gotten a hella stronger since then.

    Any chance or way to get the archive of the workouts? Probably too much to ask, but damn this sucks.

    • John

      Sign up for JohnnieWOD. It is everything you loved at CFFB in a much cleaner package with an app, skill tracking, demos videos and offline information.

      You a team. Join the community and WOD with friends. Too solo WOD’n will cause blindness.

  9. I’m sitting here shocked right now. I feel like I’ve been a part of your crazy ride from day one. BUT, so happy for you. You put in the work with a passion that’s larger than you. Now you are in an amazing place. Congrats brother. Count me in for Johnnie WOD. RIP CFFB.

    • John

      Freddy was my first CrossFit friend. My Chyna is my consumite CrossFit crush. I am proud to of had you every step of the way from CFFB day 1, to Occupy Strength, Power Athlete and the Team Series, Wade’s Army and everywhere in between.

      Not sure there are enough “thank yous”.

  10. Mark L

    Anybody have this past Friday’s workout at least? Wanting just to finish off at least the Amateur off season work

  11. Sean Simpson

    My only regret is that I didn’t find power athlete and cffb sooner so I could have been able to reap the benefits for longer than I have. Like John says, “when the student is ready, the master appears” I’m sure there will be all kinds of whining in the next while but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done and fuck do I love these programs.

    • John

      People will bitch b/c that is what people do. People will feel entitled b/c it was given away for free for so long. Funny part is I am not charging for the program. I am charging for the app, the skill tracking and online resource. And I am giving it away free for 4 weeks.

      If people want to bitch about then we don’t want them anyway. Probably people that bullshit their times and weights too in the comments.

  12. Coach P

    Sad day — I am 51 and do not handle change too well. I am certified CFFB– Tex and Bobby — weekend was frickin awesome — I checked the website daily and own two CFFB shirts — the king is dead !– long live the new king — Power Athlete and Johnny WOD baby!– all good — CFFB thank you

    • John

      Bummed about not being able to make the CFFB shirts – I designed most of them. I stopped making them after CrossFit sent me a cease and desist when Reebok was complaining about being the “official” merch provider of CrossFit. Those OG shirts were some of the best. But the JohnnieWOD merch line is awesome…Change is good in this case.

  13. Denny K

    Crossfit Football filled a void in my training back in ’09 and guided me on a great path J Welly. It enabled me to work closer with you guys and become a better coach and person. ive always thought of you as a mentor and I think it is awesome that your taking this next step. I’m excited for the future!

    • John

      Thanks, Denny.

      Glad to see how far you have come from the first Occupy Strength in Chicago all those years ago.

      You are the path and I enjoy seeing the IG updates on your progress.

  14. Daniel Joseph "DJ^Ric" Riccio 32/m/CT/5'10/185

    I always knew this day would come but I had hoped I would be a silver-haired fox by then, finally ready to trade in the barbell for a bag of potato chips. But alas, as with all good things…the end has come far too soon.

    The first and foremost thought in my mind is to say Thank You. To have any other reaction to this day would be selfish and disrespectful for the last 5 years of my incredible health and the amazing blessing and selfless gift shared with the world by John and his disciples.

    In 2011 a friend of mind asked me a question that completely changed the direction of my life. I was always in great physical shape, a gym diehard and the best athlete in any sport I played. Unfortunately I lacked the size and strength to ever play the sport I loved the most, football. If I had the measurables I have now after 5 years of CFFB back in high school….I’ve no doubt I would have played in high school and college. Back in 2011 my (quite out-of-shape) friend asked me if I wanted to do a hardcore adventure run called “Tough Mudder”. Something about running 11.5 miles up a mountain in Vermont through extreme physical obstacles told me I need to turn in my old training playbook and find something new.

    It was at that same time that a colleague who sat next to me at work and played rugby showed me http://www.crossfitfootball.com. And then everything changed.

    The rest is history as they say but CFFB put me in the best physical shape of my life for my Wedding, the birth of Our first child (a girl!) and I’ve no doubt it’s added years to my life and given me an education in health and wellness that I will be able to apply long after this incredible free blueprint has passed.

    The hard part to this will be saying goodbye to the good friends and training partners I’ve never met. I will tell you that the secret sauce of CrossFit Football was the competition among us that helped drive results in the gym even when we were alone. I religiously logged into the message board before my day’s session to compare times, read feedback and mentally prepare for the warstorm in my future. I may not have accomplished half of my success in this project if I never read a time, a weight or the total reps of a guy, girl or two whom I always competed within seconds, lbs and reps of. We all pushed each other to be better and pulled each other along on those really hard days. It’s a formula the rest of the world could benefit from in the scary times that we live in.

    Thank you to every SWODDER, DWODDER, Freakbeast, savage, Power Athlete, Mainsiter, rugger, firefighter, police officer, soldier, father, mother, brother, sister and friend that has been with me from age 27 to 32.

    It’s been one hell of a ride.

    • John

      The move to Johnnie WOD is about competition, creating a better community and having some fun.

      If you guys remember, I asked people to email us for a workout a few months ago. This is when the rebranding talk started with CFHQ. I could see the daily traffic but with only 6-18 comments a day, I had no idea how many people were following the program. I was thinking about just shutting it down as CFFB had lost its luster. Then we got 2k emails in 48 hours and about 500 over the next few weeks. I had no idea that many people were actively following the program. At that point, I knew I could not shut it down but had to morph it into something better. CFFB needed a costume change to keep it current. I decided to poke fun at the “WOD” and morph it in to Johnnie WOD. The tongue and cheek humor and the stripping of the facade of performance for exactly what CFFB had always been – Heavy, Hard, Fast.

      Sign up and take the ride. You will love it.

  15. Nick E


    Thank you for 8 great years! The free training has taught me more than I could have ever asked for. As a father of a few young boys and a guy who still tries to play a little rec league hockey the programming was perfect.

    Now it looks like I will have to pay for it…which probably should have happened years ago. Bring on the Johnny WOD.

    Prepping for Wades Day,

  16. powerpt32

    I’m completely shocked. I’ve been following CrossFit Football for a few years and have seen amazing results. This and Power Athlete have changed the way I view training – definitely sad – but excited for the next chapter with y’all.

  17. Tom

    Man……was I bummed when I logged on to try to find Saturday’s WOD this morning. I’ve been doing CFFB for 7 years non-stop and I’ve loved every day of it. Many thanks to John and the CFFB crew. I’m grateful for the years of free information and camaraderie on the CFFB site.

    See you guys on Johnnie WOD.

  18. Erica Cooksey

    Hey JW and co, CFFB is the best programming I’ve ever done and I will continue with JohnnieWOD. I’ve made great strides in my fitness and performance and it is certainly worth $10/month for me.

    Two questions: First, does this mean that PAHQ is de-affiliating from Crossfit?

    Second, will JohnnieWOD provide any scaling guidance? Like say “pick a weight that you can get 8-10 reps unbroken” or “substitute pike push-ups for strict HSPU rather than kipping HSPU”. This was my biggest difficulty with CFFB, figuring out the scaling, and WODs + guidance there would be well worth the money!!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • John

      Myself and Power Athlete will still be teaching the CrossFit Speciality Seminar: Sports Specific Application. We will still have a relationship with CrossFit. Just wont have CFFB branded training.

      There will be a lot more on Johnnie WOD. I can add scaling for the ladies. Just have to ask. And if you have any questions, ask in the daily feed.

  19. GaryPells

    I was freaked out last night when I saw the CFFB site and this post wasn’t up yet. My wife finally decided last week that she liked the results CFFB gave her and was going to stick with it. Then Boom! But now I read this, and it sounds like the same awesome programming, but with an app and John gets to reap some reward from his knowledge and programming. Sounds like a win to me! (helps that when I told the wife she was excited about the change, phew! I really didn’t want to have to deal with her trying to find a new program again!)

  20. Jim G.


    Thanks brother for all you did with CFFB. I have pitched CFFB to everyone that asks about training for many, many years. Quality training delivered to the masses for free.

    Can’t wait to start on the new journey. I will be retiring my CFFB shirts with some vans that have fallen apart.

    Good luck to you and the whole crew.

  21. I am a Whiny Bitch

    You can spin whatever story you want but it all comes down to you being a sellout. Why do something for the love of it when you can charge for it?

    • John

      You caught me. After 8 years and 1000’s of free workouts, I am selling it. Frankly, reading your comments makes me realize I should have done this sooner. I am done with your entitlement.

  22. Jame G

    John – fuck that bitch. I have used Crossfit Football for years and will use Johnnie WOD starting tomorrow.

    “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” ~ Joker


  23. gb

    John, Thanks to you and your team for everything!

  24. Bulldozer

    John and CFFB crew,

    Many of thank you is in order. I was always an athletic type but my training was all over the place. Bodybuilding stuff to start, then modifying quick kettlebell programs I read about with no direction.

    I needed a diet change and found Paleo which made sense. Through Paleo I found Crossfit. Never did I try it because it didn’t make sense to me. Because I am a lover of NFL football and seeing how fast, strong and powerful the players are; I thought to myself “How do NFL players, especially Linebackers train?”. I found CFFB. My journey began in mid-late 2012 at the age of 31 and everything has been wonderful ever since.

    TTMJ and PA material have become like a second bible to me. Scripture if you will. Following Field Strong on an off depending on time schedule and jumping back on CFFB, I didn’t skip a beat. This has become the best decision I ever made.

    Again, many thanks and can’t wait to see the evolution of JohnnieWOD.

  25. Michael Black

    John, as others have expressed, CFFB has played a critical role in my training, from throws in college to my 5 years in the Corps to now, just being a dad who likes to show his kids that dad’s don’t have to be weak like so many these days. Thanks for all the quality programming and I’m looking forward to Johnny WOD!

  26. Nate

    First, thanks much for the free programming. CFFB provided me with exactly what I needed to achieve my goals and needless to say I’m sad to see it go. Looking forward to seeing what is next. When Johnnie WOD makes its debut, how will it differ from Field Strong? Will Johnnie WOD feature similar strength progressions (i.e. amateur, college, pro) for the squat, deadlift, bench, press, and power clean? Thanks again.

    • John

      Johnnie WOD will not be as robust as FS or the other programs. It will be like the OG version of CFFB I launched back in 2009 except with app, tracking and demos.

  27. Matt Springer

    John and the crew, I appreciate you guys. Absolutely nothing you’ve ever put out has disappointed, including this announcement.

    My first step into CF was through CFFB July 4, 2011. Classes dismissed for an extended holiday weekend that year and I completed the following inside my local rec’s only squat cage! The session is still imprinted in my mind:

    BS 3×5
    5 rounds
    1,1,1 Strict press @90%
    1,3,5 Strict pull-ups

    Keep up the great work

  28. Thanks for the good times. What will be the status of CFFB certifications?

    • John

      The CFFB seminar is being rebranded as CrossFit Speciality Seminar: Sports Specific Application. I have no idea what that means but you can hold yourself out as a CFFB coach but going forward we will have think of a new handle for it.

  29. Stacey C

    Whiny Bitch it’s called capitalism.

    Thanks John for all you have done for everyone. I’ve followed CFFB/PA since 2009 when I came across your site in Afghanistan. Anyone who has ever asked me where to start I’ve pointed to CFFB and Power Athlete.

    I’ve wondered for quite some time why you hadn’t switched over to a pay site. I’ll see you on JohnnieWod.


    • John

      Not really capitalism as much as just wanting to offer more, and all the cool features cost a few bucks. If everyone that came to the site bought a shirt or just contributed it wouldn’t have been a problem. Of those 2k emails we got asking for the workout on the “email for the workout” day around 3% were in our email list. That means the people asking never bought a shirt, left a comment, signed up for the newsletter or came to a seminar. They were not in our community and not in the Power Athlete eco-system. Users not contributors. That is not the Power Athlete way.

  30. JoeyBones21

    Maybe I’m stupid but I can’t seem to find where to get the app. Anyone know?

  31. Erica Cooksey

    Hey John, in your reply to Nate you said that it’ll be like the original version of CFFB from 2009, does that mean that there won’t be an SWOD?

  32. Nathaniel Soque

    Hey John, thanks for giving us CFFB to begin with!

    I’ve been debating lately about switching from CFFB to the Basics. Since they’re in the same price range how would you compare JWOD with The Basics? I’m not ready for Field Strong, but I was wondering which would be a better prep for it? I’m planning on doing it for a year then switching to Field Strong.

    Also just quick background: USMC veteran, been on strict Wendler 531 the last two years and love it still, until I found CFFB in January when my goals changed. Thanks again!

    • John

      The basics is getting a reboot as well – Bedrock is about laying a foundation.

      Great program and a great place to start.

  33. littlesean

    My butt doesn’t hurt. It does itch a little though…Is that something Ingo?

    Will the new specialty cert be appreciably different than recent CFFB certs?

    • John

      How itchy?

      And the seminar will have some changes as we don’t have to spend time discussing how CFFB differs from CrossFit. The programming is changing and I get to go WOD deep into the hierarchy of athletic development.

  34. John Maguire

    I see that JohnnieWod is in the “program” section on TrainHeroic. Is that for just this first 4 free weeks and then you’ll make it a regular team with updated programming? Or have you just made it as a 4week program and that’s it?

    Regardless thank you for the years of free programming and fun workouts all while teaching me how to move better and enjoy my life outside the gym. I follow FieldStrong now but will be very curious about what JohnnieWod has going on 😉


    • John

      It is both. It is a team and a 4 week program. I set it up as both as I knew someone people would want to try the 4 weeks first and others would sign up and start tomorrow.

  35. RD Evans

    Mr. Welbourn and CFFB/PA crew,

    Thank you for all the hard work you have done over the past years with CFFB and PAHQ. Its been great to follow along with. I would always come back to CFFB after trying something else for just a little while.

    Looking forward to Johnnie WOD and what the future is bringing! Thanks again!

  36. Wes Hightower

    As one of your silent followers, working out in my garage at 4:30 a.m., not posting to the comments, and slowly transforming from a middle aged distance runner to an even older middle aged stronger guy, I’d like to sincerely thank you for the free training and great advice over the years. My approach to training has been forever changed for the better. Even when there were late posts I always laughed about the complaints. How do you not know what to do? If it’s a Monday, do some squats and some presses. Do a hard metcon using complimentary movements, knowing you’ll be pulling a lot tomorrow. You made great training easy to follow. Teach a man to fish…… Thank you!

  37. Clint

    Popped my Johnny tonight. Still a great & excellent product. Dick punches for anyone that complains.

    • John

      Did you WOD solo? Or with a partner? I advise all JWODs to be done with a few partners – a WODsome. Prevents blindness.

  38. V

    Another mostly silent follower, mainly b/c I follow a week behind so that I can plan my equipment and work it into my sport schedule. I followed CFFB on and off for three years and I’m grateful that you created a solid, easy-to-follow and free program for as long as you did. I’m a 40y/o female who competes in jiu jitsu and wants to be fit and strong for life. I’ve pointed a metric ton of people toward CFFB who want strength + conditioning because I’ve seen first hand that it works.

    It was like a gut punch when I saw that CFFB was shutting down. I wouldn’t have expected that I’d have such a strong reaction, but it was a wake up call to me that I took your programming for granted. Some of the WODs have really super sucked for me, like the recent EMOTM for 10min 100yd sprints. I wrote in my log book “Just f’n kill me” after that one. But I know that I’m a better athlete and person for completing them.

    So anyway, THANK YOU and I’ll see you on JWOD.

  39. Anne

    Newbie here… Absolutely loved your programming when I found out about it a few months ago. It was great to have free material, signing up for $10 is not that much (even though I’m Canadian haha) and I had already planned to attend your seminar at the end of the year anyway. Thank you for not shutting down entirely, your program is so great. I’m a boxer and started using CFFB for my conditioning, and it makes so much sense compared to the mainsite WODS.

  40. Plojhi

    Hi John,
    CFFB was a great site and I loved all trainings. This was one of few oportunities to train like a “PRO” football player here in Czech Republic.

    One question, will be Johnny WOD still devided in OFF season and IN season?


  41. Charles Hansen

    I used Crossfit Football in 2010 and had great gains and times for the Marine Corps pft and cft. I switched over to Grindstone a couple months ago for the obvious reasons of time commitments and love it even more. Hopefully this helps build that community and all the communities as CFFB guys and girls have exposure to the other programs offered. The forum will be poppin with people with the same goals in mind.

  42. Mike Davis

    In spite of full knee replacement, not to old to stay dedicated to challenge the body for a higher level of strength. A daily site I visit that I will miss that helps me stay strong. Sharing with grandson who is sophomore in high school that just PR’d a 255 bench. Awesome.
    Thanks for the work you have done!

  43. Daniel Fish

    JWOD looks good. How far in advance will you be uploading the program? I train on different days to the norm so follow a week behind.

  44. THANK YOU for all those years of CFFB delight. It’s been a great ride so far and, allthough slightly disappointed at first, I totally get it and signed up for Johnnie WOD right away.

    I have some concerns though… which I didn’t see in the other comments yet. I attended the CFFB course a month ago and, afterwards, listed my affiliate on crossfitfootball.com as one running CFFB classes. As a matter of fact, our first CFFB class starts today… Basicly we market it as “CrossFit, only better (and way cooler) if you’re into field sports”.

    So the questions and concerns I have are these:

    1a. I would still like to run CrossFit Football classes and call them as such. Can I?

    1b. If I (legally/ethically) can’t run CFFB classes as a CrossFit affiliate and name them as such… what are my options? What do you suggest?

    2. Can I still call myself a CrossFit Football Trainer?

    3. Doing the CFFB course as a affiliate holder meant added value in the form of being mentioned on the coach’ finder on crossfitfootball.com. Will there be something like it in the future?

    • John

      1a. I would still like to run CrossFit Football classes and call them as such. Can I?

      If you are CFFB certified you can run a CFFB class. I need to figure out the transition story with CFHQ but there will be a solution. Until then biz as normal.

      1b. If I (legally/ethically) can’t run CFFB classes as a CrossFit affiliate and name them as such… what are my options? What do you suggest?

      You could create/brand you own CFFB-esk program at your gym – Hard, Heavy, Fast – or wait for me to report back with some narrative.

      2. Can I still call myself a CrossFit Football Trainer?

      You attended the seminar – so you are good.

      3. Doing the CFFB course as a affiliate holder meant added value in the form of being mentioned on the coach’ finder on crossfitfootball.com. Will there be something like it in the future?

      the Coach Finder on the site was a perk I paid for and offered as a service. We will reboot it onto Power Athlete down the line as we figure out the particulars of the rebranding.

  45. Harek

    Hey John I’m probably being a dumb fuck since I’ve never used TrainHeroic before but…

    will you be sending the code to use in the app to those who signed up for the 4 week introduction in the JohnnieWOD website or is there something else we need to do?

    thanks in advance

    • John

      It will be in the welcome email when you submit your email at the bottom of the temp page on CrossFitFootball.com.

      Download the app and watch the video on how to load the program to your calendar.

      Get it.

  46. Hunter

    Thank you for the programming over the years. The time it must’ve have taken to write each one out can never be said thank you enough for a busy man such as yourself. Although I didn’t post daily, I know screw me, I followed CFFB through my linebacker career in college and up till now banging heavy ass weights. I’ll catch you over in Johnnie Wod. Much thanks

  47. Tom

    Thanks, Pizzle!

  48. Bryce Dalrymple

    Talk about perfect timing! Just received the equipment for my garage gym this weekend. Very excited to be on the front end of this.

    Thanks for the free content over the years.

  49. Tom/35m/6'4/197

    Fuck the whiners. 8 years of free shit and now they want to bitch. It’s what’s wrong with this country today. Everyone wants something for nothing.

    Monday’s WOD


    A2G BS @ 295
    Press @ 135,155,165

    Conditioning as rxd. Completed all rounds. Grip and upper body is smoked.

    Maybe I deserve a dick punch, but I didn’t see what the cost of JohnnieWOD will be. Can someone help a brotha out??

    Body feels broken and haven’t had a rest week since Feb. time to take a week. See you guys on the other side.

  50. Mex

    Good first day. Leaving FS for a month to give JohnnieWod a go.

    INT-Strength :
    Squat 3×5 @365
    Press 7’s: 135/155/165….175×3

    10 rounds even w/80#KB

  51. Mex

    INT meaning Collegiate

  52. Emily Clem

    Congrats, John! Started CFFB when I started training with Carl in 2011 because I wanted to get stronger. I’m so glad I did. My training went from CFFB to Field Strong followed by Jacked Street and now Grindstone. I’ve only ever followed one version or another of your programs (aside from about a 3 month trial of Juggernaut) and for as long as I’m physically able, I will continue to follow one of your programs. Shit works, and I’m excited to see what JohnnieWOD looks like!

  53. Emily Clem

    Definitely didn’t mean to post that photo – doing this from my phone and have no clue what happened, haha.

  54. GW

    Ok, I get it, we’re entitled assholes if we complain about this, but can we at least be left with the archives? I’ve been a religious follower of CFFB for 5+years and have no idea what I’m going to do now. Does anyone have any suggestions for other programming that they will be following to replace CFFB with. Wish I could pay for Jonnie Wod, Power Athlete, etc., but being in college won’t allow for that right now.

  55. Adi Blackwell

    See you on the other side. Looking forward to Johnnie WOD. I just wish I had found CFFB sooner than eighteen months ago. Thanks for everything John you’ve really opened my eyes to training.

  56. Edward

    Can’t wait to step forward into the new programming, already subscribed and looks bad ass! Quick question on the WOD today. Is kettlebell swings one minute and pushups the next for 10 minutes, or is it 15 and 15 per minute?

    • John

      On the minute do 15 swings and 15 push ups. Do this for 10 minutes. Count rounds completed as the ones where you can get 15 swings and 15 push ups.

  57. John, Thanks-Ive followed the site since 2009 & Im here to tell you that it has impacted anyone who trained with me as well as the students Ive coached at of Seaside High School from 2010-2016. I finally put my money where my moth is and am incredibly pleased with the Grindstone program.

    For @GW, Check out Powerathlete HQ & pick a program. John has provided us with way more than the $27 bucks a month you’ll drop & I promise its money well spent.

  58. Flinttown32

    So maybe I missed it but I signed up for the first 4 weeks of the Johnnie WOD and supplied my email. I downloaded the app. But where’s the code that gets us to the programming ? Says this code is supplied by your coach. Please help.

  59. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/185

    CFFB 13 days left

    Squat 3 x 5 @ 275 lbs
    Press 7,7,7 @ 115, 125, 135 lbs

    10-Minute EMOM of…

    15 Russian KB Swings @ 70 lbs
    15 Push Ups

    6 rounds + 15 KBS + 14 PU

    1 rep short of starting round 7, called it there. Nice pump.

  60. Kevin D

    Thank you so, so much for a great run. I can’t recall specifically how I came across CFFB, but it gave me the something that I needed, something more than the main site general fitness “stuff.”

    I was to say a lot, but keeping it simple I will again just say THANK you.

  61. NH

    Ahhh, love CFFB, and it was my first entry into any sort of weightlifting. I know this is dumb, but I really hope you keep up the regular schedule of Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat(optional). It makes planning the week a lot easier, and the program easier to follow!

    Thanks for all of your free workouts! You’ve helped us all. Thank you!

  62. Matt

    John – having trouble getting access via Train Heroic. Does that 4 week trial include it? If so, I’m not seeing the code that I need to enter when I download the Train Heroic app.

    Thanks – looking forward to it.

    • John

      Did you sign up and get the welcome email? And then open and read the email? B/c the instructions and codes to join the 4 week free trail is in there.

  63. Eric Birkner

    First off, congrats on the launch of the new site! Thank you for providing FREE programming the last 8 years.
    When I went to enter my email on the bottom of the temp page, an error message popped up saying my email is in a compliance state due to unsubscribe, bounce, or compliance review and cannot be subscribed. What does that mean? I would like to try out Johnnie WOD.


  64. Scott

    Lots of bugs in the app. I won’t bore everyone with them in a list. Loved CFFB for years and going to sign up. I’d like the app to work for $10 though.

  65. John C

    Just wanted to stop by and say Thanks John. Your wisdom and training has helped me so much as a coach and a person. It won’t be the same without CFFB but I’m excited for JohnnieWOD

  66. Mudd

    Its about. Damn. Time!

    I’ve been following the CFFB/PA-FS since a teammate of mine turned up to practice in one of your rugby jerseys in 2010. Even coming from the main CF site, I saw CFFB and could only say, “This….THIS….THIIISS is what I’ve been searching for!” Now half of my shirts are Power Athlete or Wades Army.

    Some people are talking about this like it’s a CFFB funeral, but I have similar feelings now to what I do at weddings for my mates…sad that the old way of doing things is over, but more happy that the next step is going to be so much more rewarding.

    …especially when the new hotness is a sexy beast with a bad sense of humor like JWOD.

  67. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/184

    CFFB 12 days left

    Deadlift* 5 RM @ 385 lbs (ties PR)
    Weighted Pull Ups 7, 7, 7(F) @ 1 pood, 45 lbs, 1.5 pood (only got 5 reps)

    *All touch and go, no reset. No bounce either of course.

    Complete for time…

    150 Ball Slams (50-40-30-20-10)
    100 Parallel Bar Dips (40-30-20-10)

    14:21 @ 30 lbs

  68. Jan Wolfhouse

    Hopefully you go OG on the T shirt game. The ones released in 09 were high quality made by American Apparel. The new version ones do not hold up as well and pilled.

  69. KevinB

    John and Crew, thanks for CFFB. As a SWAT/K9 cop i’ve spent years bouncing around programs in search of one that would get me strong, conditioned and constantly nursing a nagging injury from my workouts. I found my home with Crossfit Football and will be coming along for the Johnnie WOD ride.

  70. Dirk Diggler

    So I googled Johnny Wod as you suggested and it appears that guy did xxx movies. I don’t get the new name that guy had a terrible physique

    • John

      You must be pretty young to not remember John Holmes and Johnny Wadd. The movie boogie nights is based on his story. Down to Johnny Wadd as a detective similar to Mark Walberg does with Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell. It is called humor, dude. The term WOD has gotten pretty out of control, so I thought I would add some humor by creating a pun off of Wadd and Wod and using Johnnie from Talk To Me Johnnie. And I am pretty sure John Holmes isnt famous for his physique, he is famous for hammer. I digress you used the handle of Dirk Diggler, yet don’t know the history of the man…sloppy, very sloppy.

  71. Adam Davine

    I’ve followed CFFB for years and saw immediate improvement from when I first started – in both performance and aesthetics. Had my first go on the new “D” – tried it out by myself (it’s cool, we all do it don’t act like you don’t) – and it’s every bit as good as it looks. Thanks for the years John Welly, very pleased to get on board here.

  72. John R

    I Played football up through college and always loved bangin’ weights and hard conditioning. Afterwards I became a cherry picker bouncing from site to site. After an injury at work I came across CFFB and used that programming to build my strength and conditioning back up to be able to do my job again. Through the site I discovered Talk to me Johnnie and Power Athlete, through which I gained a ton of knowledge about training and nutrition. I now basically go off of the CFFB488 template. I Can’t thank you enough for the free programming but mostly all of the information you provide. Good luck with your new program and seminar.

  73. Kris

    @DJ^Ric – what was the DWOD on Tuesday? From your results I’m guessing it was:

    For time:
    150 Ball Slams
    100 Dips

    I’m a day behind this week, and there’s no archive anymore for CFFB. Finishing up these last 2 weeks of CFFB then switching to JWOD, already signed up.

  74. Paula

    OMG, no more CFFB? Just saw this. Amazing programs — all of them! Change is good. It’s called evolving. I went from CFFB–>FS–>JS. Hmmm @John, would you suggest staying on JS for me or trying Johnnie Wod? WAITF? Yuge muscles…

  75. Greg

    Thanks for everything CFFB. Followed the site through high school and college. Excited to get on Johnnie Wod once I got some more time to train.

  76. Baker Mulherin


    Just wanted to say thanks and congrats. CFFB was the first true S&C program I found after organized high school athletics. It changed the way I viewed training, and made me want to get strong for the long haul.

    Now that Power Athlete has sprung from it I can’t get enough. The seminar, podcast, programs and ideology…can’t say enough about what you guys are doing fighting the good fight and teaching people to value athleticism.

    Without CFFB it wouldn’t have been possible, but it has evolved into so much more. Looking forward to the next step in the journey and checking out JWOD.


  77. texdoc

    Hey man just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done. Found you in 2009 I think in the summer/fall after I just graduated a selection course. I was weak and injured and immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Your programming brought me back to full speed and helped turn me into a warfighter, and carried me through two deployments to Afghanistan. Its funny now when I think about how much time I spent back then fresh off a mission slaying myself on the altar of CFFB burning off that combat stress. As my last pump was coming to a close was when Power Athlete opened up and I waited until I got home to start Field Strong so I could focus on it. You guys have been part of my training just like shooting and any other combat skill. I’ll be honest its a bittersweet day seeing CFFB move on but I just checked out Johnnie Wod’s page and I dig it man. I love you guys and love the community PA Nation has inspired. Never really thought about it till I saw one of your posts up there but I wish I had gotten one of those CFFB shirts when they were available. Oh well. Out of curiosity do you still remember what the inagaural CFFB WOD was?

    • John

      We got some killer merch in the pipeline with JWOD. And I think this was it. I have a pdf of all the workouts I keep as my private archive whenever I want to look back and laugh. Or find some nasty workouts.

  78. sean

    loved cffb since day one. i joined trainheroic as i felt it was my duty to pay back for some great programming; however i was insulted by the content. i was reluctant to join from the beginning because of the name “trainheroic” and it ended up being just as bad as the name. hopefully this brings the level back up.

    • John

      What was insulting? TrainHeroic the platform? Or JohnnieWOD’s content? We are working with TH to create a better user experience. The content for JWOD, is me trying to have some fun with puns and humor. Nothing I can do about that….well maybe.

  79. Rossteen M/24/194/6'

    Very excited for the evolution of CFFB. Always intended to hop onto the Power Athlete train, and 10$ is a steal for the programming.

    10/6, Volkswagen @195: 16:20

  80. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/184

    CFFB 10 days left

    Squat 8 x 3 @ 245 lbs (rest 90 seconds)

    *80% of 5 RM – 305 lbs


    21-15-9 reps of…

    Bench Press @ bodyweight
    Pull Ups

    12:04 RX’d @ 185 lbs


  81. I’m so stoked for you! Screw the whiners, haters, and complainers. People feeling entitled to share their opinion that nobody else wants to hear.

    My hubby and I went to one of the first CFFB certs in Cookeville all those many moons ago (back when we owned an affiliate). It was awesome to finally have a program that picked up where CF was lacking. Over the years, I’ve transitioned to your Power Athlete programming, but am very excited to see what JohnnyWOD is all about!

  82. Jimmy

    Had the pleasure of being in the seminar in Fort Worth Texas a few years back, and everything I picked up I still use in all of my programs. I even included a lot of stuff into my powerlifting programs. I am looking forward to seeing the what the new programs are up to. Especially after rupturing a distal bicep tendon and now finally be cleared to go at it again!

  83. WM

    stay hard Crossfit Football….

  84. Mex 41M 195#

    Hey John. You fucking rock man! CFFB positively changed my life is so many ways and I am forever grateful. Been on Field Strong since its inception but hittin up the JWOD now. Still keeping the FS subscription.

    Having a great time this week:


    Squat 8×3 @ 325 (90 sec rest). Felt great. Kept CAT in mind and felt the bar speed was fast

    Volkswagen: 6:27 Rx’d @195. New job where I’m more active and lost 10lbs but still hitting PRs

    Bring on Friday

  85. Bill

    Sad to see it go.

    What does that mean for coaches who have a CF Football Certificate? Do we still use or do we now say CF Sports Specific Application?

  86. It’s funny seeing all these familiar usernames. I started CFFB in 2011 and switched to Field Strong when that launched. I’ve since changed my programming to the paid SOFLETE strength team but I owe all my strength, athleticism, and posture and position to CrossFit Football. I still believe the CrossFit Football cert is the best cert on the planet if you are someone who leads athletes. I look forward to seeing the direction Power Athlete and CrossFit head towards. This is a sad day. Thank you John for providing this programming to the masses. It may have not been perfect, but it was way fucking better than anything else. Now GFY and punch yourself in the dick!!!

  87. Hans

    Thanks John, Cali, Tex and the rest of the PAHQ crew for all the hard-work that went into this site. I really wish we could keep the old workouts like Gymnastics WOD did when Paoli shifted his focus too. I’m sure there was a technical impact to keeping the other site available. Anyway I’m stoked about Johnnie WOD and I’m hoping it lasts 8 times as long as CFFB

  88. Caspar Frederix

    Thanks a lot for the free program the past 4 years. It has made me stronger and bigger after I transitioned from regular crossfit into cffb. With less injuries as well. I’ll be moving in with my girlfriend soon, and to support her start working out in a regular crossfit gym. If start growing weaker and smaller I’ll have to find another gym so I can get down and dirty with Johnny wod which sounds great

  89. Jake

    I loved the CFFB workouts and greatly appreciate you providing free programming over the years, but I am even more excited to see whats coming up next! Since you you are no longer doing CFFB, will you or Power Athlete be doing seminars in the future? I’ve been interested in the CFFB seminar for the last few years and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

    • John

      Did you read the post? It says we are still teaching a seminar for CrossFit, just rebranded and re-engineered for a more sport specific approach to training.

  90. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/185

    CFFB 10 days left

    Power Clean 5 x 3 @ 197.5 lbs

    Minute on/Minute off for 20 minutes…

    40-lb Ball Slams – 15 reps
    Burpees – Max reps

    74 Burpees RX’d


  91. Mike

    John, I was OG and CrossFit main page from 2001 until CFFB. Since then I’ve experimented with many other programs. However, I made my best progress with CFFB. I’ve also looked at everything you’ve published. I already miss your site, and I am profoundly grateful to you.

  92. Mike

    Would you consider making the CFFB archives available to subscribers? I don’t know what is involved or if it is possible. Whatever you do, I am eternally grateful and excited about what is coming.

    You said to me “People need more whether they know it or not.” Yes, I know I need more. I’m excited about it, and think that you deserve the small contribution you are asking people to make so that you can deliver something better.

    • John

      Dont worry, the archives are safe and being released into the wild as Johnnie WOD. I saw a few threads on Reddit floating around where miscreants had collected some workouts, but those are so 2010…I have learned so much and the experience on Train Heroic is on point. My advice, join the program, take the ride and don’t look back.

  93. Phil

    All of you asking for the CFFB archives. Shouldn’t you have them from a training log or something? How were you tracking your numbers and progress? I have years worth of training notebooks with just CFFB but will never use them. I joined jwod and I am telling you it is the best 10 bucks you will spend every month. So be thankful you had the CFFB program while it lasted and move on to the new jwod program. It is much improved.

  94. Will

    Hi John!

    First of all, thank you for TTMJ and CFFB! They really build my foundation to training hard and stopped me “being that guy”.

    Now that the shock has been absorbed, it’s time to react.

    I’would like an advise what program should i use?? Field Strong, Bedrock, JohnnyWod, Grindstone…

    Few specs: 35yo, work a lot and i play competitive tennis(not pro). My weeks are full of condition part of training and my In-Season is 30 weeks per year. I train tennis 3-5 times a week and many weekends there are tournaments with 1-5 games. As such, best suited programming for me has been CFFB In-season College -level. Any time i have had a break in tennis i have used Off-Season programming.

    Yes. I’m not bulking a lot and i’m not trying to get my strength to an NFL level. But strength and athleticism is needed. And before i get to complain about “My legs are too big” i need to train a lot. And that kind of strength doesn’t sneak up on you. I’ll worry it when that beautiful day comes.


    -Scandinavian CFFB

    • John

      I would say the most robust program we have is Field Strong. It really puts the athlete front and center. Grindstone does it to some degree but it has less volume and more flexibility. Jacked Street is straight forward for putting on size and muscle.

      Field Strong is your ticket.

  95. Great stuff. My hand is currently broken but when the surgery and rehab is done, I am back to either Field Strong or Johnny WOD.. not sure yet if I will play some more football or not but I need to get some muscles back

  96. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/187

    “10,000 lbs”

    1 Squat @ 225 lbs
    1 Press @ 135 lbs
    1 Deadlift @ 315 lbs

    9:21 RX’d in 15 rounds (PR)

  97. Bryn Herrin

    Squat @315
    Press@ 185
    Deadlift @ 405

    9:02 in 10 rounds

  98. Tony zier

    Thank you and all of the staff the put in all the hard work to make us better.

  99. Tom


    I’m 35 YOA and would like to put on size as well as get stronger. I’ve always had a hard time putting on weight, even when I was playing ball, lifting, and eating everything in sight. I don’t want to lose the rockin 6 pack I’ve busted my ass to get through cffb over the last 7 years (I can always put on some bad weight around my mid section even given what I stated above….lol) I’m training to win fights if necessary(LEO), to be healthy, and look amazing naked. Yes, the last part is somewhat douchey, but at least I’m honest. My playing days are well behind me, so my priorities are much different.

    My question is…..should I transition to JohnnieWOD to stay trim, or does Jacked Street provide enough metcons within to keep the fat off? Just looking for your opinion based on what I’m looking for.

    Thanks for all you’ve done over the last 8 years with cffb!

  100. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/185

    CFFB 5 days left

    Power Snatch 2,2,2,2,2,2 @ 95, 115, 135, 145, 155, 165 lbs (+5 PR)

    Second at 165 was fairly ugly and I think ultimately a snatch grip press to lockout.

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps for time of…

    Pull Ups
    Push Ups
    Bulgarian Split Squats

    10:04 RX’d

    Did full set of reps on EACH LEG. Wasn’t sure if we were supposed to do weight on this but after the first round I knew I made the right conditioning call to just do bodyweight.

  101. JimtheConquerer

    Started CFFB after long layoff beginning of this week. Looking forward to one of the other programs. Sad to see CFFB go, but now I’ll have to reevaluate “What am I training for?” Honestly, I’ve never thought about it much since CFFB is so awesome, and my goals were simply to get Better/Faster/Stronger.

    Today’s Workout:
    DL 5×275
    10, 9…3,2,1 Pullups, Pushups, Bulgarian Split Squats, 14:25

  102. JimtheConquerer

    So to evaluate “What are you training for?” I suspect the following is a summary of each training program

    Field Strong: I want to be a better field sport athlete, therefore I need to be stronger, and be able to move effortlessly with the primal movements, and execute novel tasks. (or whatever the definition is)

    Bed Rock: I want to be a better field sport athlete, but I’m pretty new to this training thing. So this will teach me the primal movements, and give me a base level of strength/conditioning/sprinting, etc.

    Grind Stone: My life is very busy! But I still want to progress as an athlete in a field sport. It will just take more years to get there because I cannot train as much as I like.

    Jacked Street: I just want to be huge/yoked/jacked…all at the same time.

    JWOD: I want to be a viking. Therefore, I need to be pretty jacked not quite like Jacked Street, and I need to be strong, and have a high work capacity, and I like the punishment.

    I am still curious what what JWOD lacks relative to the achievement of PAHQ’s definition of athleticism. I realize, FS is obviously better than JWOD for Athleticism as it is your flagship program, but what capability gaps are there that JWOD doesn’t meet?

  103. Mex


    Squat 375
    Press 165
    Dead 425

    11rds. Went over but just didn’t feel like doing the math. Didn’t time it either

  104. Mex

    Tuesday CFFB:

    Power Snatch up to 155 with some OHS worked in. Haven’t done these in a long time. I want to start working in them more.

    After that I worked on some C&J up to 235×1. Nearly hit 245. Just missed lockout.

    Met-con: 10–>1
    Pull up (strict)
    Push up
    BSS (each leg)


  105. Ty Fyter

    Hi John,

    congratulations on Johnnie WOD 😀

    I do have a question, my sport is MMA/BJJ, I need a 3-day S&C program, what would you rec’d out of JohnnieWOD, Field Strong, Grind Stone, Jacked Street, Bedrock, or Speed Kills?

    Thank you, and excited to be moving forwards

  106. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/183

    CFFB 3 days left

    Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 200 lbs (add 2.5 lbs)

    WMD 001

    21-15-9 reps for time of…

    Back Squat @ 65% of 1 RM
    KB Swings @ 2 pood

    *Every 2 minutes stop and complete a 30-second max effort row for calories. Ignore the dead time in transition and start the next 2 minutes when you get back under the bar or on the KB.

    11:05 RX’d @ 225 lbs + 28 calories

    16-5 squats + 4 KBS
    10 calorie row
    17 KBS + 7-4 squats
    9 calorie row
    4 squats + 15 KBS
    9 calorie row
    9 squats + 9 KBS

    CRUSHED THIS FUCKING WOD. Going unbroken on that last set of squats was a GRIND but it saved time to rest standing up than re-rack the bar. Had game-planned ahead of time to do this in 14 minutes with 30 calories rowed. When I blew past my 7-7-7 goal and just did 16 unbroken to start I knew I was going to blow that out of the water. Legs feel like Hulk!

  107. Ty Fyter

    ***Could I just do Johnnie WOD program three times per week?

  108. Billy Biceps

    Yo Johnny-

    What do you think of Steves Armageddon program? It seems like a ton of volume. My biggest bicep gains came from Jacked St and all that occlusion shit you introduced.

    • John

      Got it sitting on my desk. It is a metric ton of volume to say the least. The BFR stuff is the truth. I think as we do more research on it, we will see some amazing gains. Jacked Street is getting in a big dose of it coming up.

  109. JimtheConquerer

    BP: 3x5x185
    Sq: 3x5x285

    21-15-9 185 Sq, and swinging 2 35 lbs KB with rower
    8:23, 28 calories. I think the rowing machine was off.

  110. “In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment.” – Thomas Carlyle

    December 2009. All I was looking for was how to make the work in weight room show up on Game Day, and stumbled upon a vocation and way of life. Thanks for the opportunity to walk the earth, meet people, and get in adventures.

    Cheers, @John.

  111. DJ^Ric 32/m/CT/5'10/185

    CFFB 2 days left

    Power Clean 5 x 3 @ 200 lbs (add 2.5 lbs)

    Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of…

    3 Power Cleans @ 65% of 3 RM
    5 Pull Ups
    10 Ring Dips

    9 rounds + 3 + 5 + 2 @ 150 lbs

  112. DJ^Ric

    Somehow someway I knew Kalsu would be the last CFFB WOD everz it was either that or a CFFB TOTAL.

    Hardest workout in any arena anywhere. I would die to see this one in the CrossFit Games.

    Godspeed fellow freakbeasts.

  113. JimtheConquerer

    Goodbye CrossfitFootball! We love you!

  114. Brett_nyc

    Well damn. End of an era. And it was a fucking good one. Had to break out the old bullet and knife CFFB shirt this past weekend.

    John and Crew, thanks for CFFB. I got a hell of a lot stronger and smarter but I also made some really really good friends working through the good days and bad days. I can’t thank you enough for that. 40 Sprints in Manhattan traffic, squats and deads to kick off the week, heavy ass Dwods. Good times.

    Life currently has me lurking more than lifting but it’s awesome seeing some of the old names up here. I’ll see you guys around.

  115. Tim

    Before I start my post I want to say I have been following this site since late 2009. I am a former Marine and rugby player. I have never bs’ed by times or weights and have gotten stronger with this program than ever before. With that said I do have a couple of concerns (since you asked for them).

    1) I do wish we had been given more notice than going to the site one day and having it shut down and all the archived workouts gone. I suspect you didn’t want people going crazy copying down years of free programming but still disappointing.

    2) I lose a lot of respect for adults and professionals who post memes saying someone is butthurt or calling people b*tches. Regardless of what idiots say I hold you to a higher standard almost as a teacher or mentor. It would be much more appropriate to respond without name calling or ignore them completely.

    3) This is my biggest concern (and it’s not a complaint because I am offering a solution). You say you are not charging for the programming but rather “I am charging for the app, the skill tracking and online resource”. The beauty of CFFB was its simplicity. All I am looking for is a workout program and message board to discuss with fellow lifters. I don’t want another app (and this one from heroic is a clunky mess in my opinion with way too much going on). I track my workouts old school with a journal and pen. I have an endless supply of videos on youtube. That’s great you offer this for those who want it but I would love it if you just offered a basic website similar to CFFB with only the workout and a place to post/discuss. If you wanted to charge $5 a month I would have no problem paying. (BTW i have already paid $10 for a month to give it a try but as I said I find the app and website clunky and not something I’m interested in using).

    With all this being said obviously you can do whatever you want as this is your product. But as a loyal follower I felt it appropriate to voice my concerns. Thanks.

    • John

      First off, we gave 14 days notice the site was closing down. That should be more than enough to make any decisions you need to make.

      Second, memes are meant to be funny.

      Third, this is called progress.

  116. Sam Watterson

    App is great been using it for over a year with no issues.

  117. Dan Katz

    John did you choose #69 in your last NFL season knowing one day you would run a program called Johnny WOD. I hope the new t shirts will have a 69 on the back like the OG CFFB ones had the 09

    • John

      That is just the number they gave me when I went to the Pats. I really didnt care at the time. Figured I would make the team and change my number. Sadly that never happened and that was my last year.

  118. Christian

    So, for clarification’s sake, if I wanted the closest thing to the CrossFit football programming, I would go to Johnnie WOD or PowerAthleteHQ? I have been gone for a year, just got back and I am lost in the sauce.

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