42 Things I Learned Leading Up to 2013


How about a 2012 "Year in review" TTMJ post? 


In early January I was working on a year in review, it got scraped it as it seemed much of the same content regurgitated in humorous ways. So, I decided to offer a different format. These are the 42 things I have learned leading up to 2013.

1. Know what you are training for.
We often sat at the seminars and my gym, “What are you training?” This translate into, you need a goal, a destination for your journey. Without you are left to wander, and this site is not called Kung Fu and you are not Caine. Pick a goal, chart a course, keep your head down and don’t come up for air until you meet it.

2. The squat is the foundation of any good program.
A program that does not involve the squat is incomplete. Any coach that tells you, you shouldn't squat as it is bad for your back and knees, but if it is done you should not squat below parallel needs to be punched. Email me and I will send someone out who specializes in punching people who need a punch. And when I say squat, I mean the one where you put a heavy bar on your back. If I were talking about the front squat or overhead squat, I would have said front squat or overhead squat.

3. Be a performance whore.
Your only mark for progress should be performance and success. Don’t get caught up in dogma, realize all that matters is performance. Don’t get married to one philosophy or stuck in one circle. Look to expand your training arsenal and realize your only master is getting better.

4. “Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.”
When you start hitting the weights, certain days you feel like the weights are made of foam and you could lift the gym. Other days, the weights seem to be made of adamantium. Realize on the days when the weights are light, go for broke and set a new personal record regardless of what the program says. On the days when the opposite is true, all you need to do is survive and realize the weights will be there tomorrow.

5. Don’t fall prey to the Secret Squirrel Program.
This is what happens when late at night while scanning the internet you decided to hybrid CrossFit Football’s strength WOD with CFE’s running 2 days a week with CrossFit’s hero WODs and Outlaw’s Olympic programming just for good measure. All the while doing 23 hours a day of ketogenic interment fasting. If you think this secret squirrel program will help you become the fittest man on the planet you are delusional. All that will happen is you become a massive ball of injury, end up doing nothing but Mobility WOD for 2 years with the testosterone levels of a 14-year-old eunuch.

6. You need to warm up.
Warming up is key to raising core temperature and getting the muscles, tendons and fascia warm. You are warming up because you are preparing to train. Take the old boxing proverb to heart. “If you go into the ring cold, you come out cold.”

7. Use Lacrosse balls
If rolling out with a soft foam roller is painful, you have led a life of luxury and share the energy expenditure with a veal. Real athletes roll out with two lacrosse balls and Kelly Starrett sitting on your body part adjacent to it.

8. Static Stretching is great way to cool down. Period.

9. The first movement at the beginning of your training week needs to involve a heavy bar on your back.

10. All the machines and praying in the world will not build a physique like the one crafted from lifting free weights over 85% of your 1 RM.

11. Weighted Pull Ups can cure world hunger.

12. Isometric holds build stability and strength.

13. It is better to live like a farmer than a bartender.
Farmers go to bed when the sun goes down and wake when the roosters crow. Bartenders hang out with drunks, don’t go to bed till 3 or 4 in the morning and sleep all day. Be a farmer.

14. Heavy prowler pushes cleanse the soul.

15. Sleeping 8 hours or more a day makes you bullet proof.
Yes, if you sleep more than 8 hours a day, bullets will not harm you and you will be able to control the minds of those around you.

16. Shower in ice-cold water in the morning. Hot shower before bed.

17. Vitamin D is the most important vitamin of all, so go outside and get a tan. As George Robert’s dad once said, “Georgie, even fat looks good tan.”

18. The only proteins that count are the ones with faces, souls and a mother. I do not care how you process hemp and peas…it is not real protein.

19. Earn your carbs.
Don’t get lulled into thinking a primal or Paleo diet is low carb diet. If you are a hard charging athlete that lifts heavy weights, sprints and moves, eat some carbs. Low carb diets are for fat people and sedentary people with metabolic disorders. If you are training for the CrossFit Games, playing football or trying to run a hundred miles you have earned your carbs.

20. I don’t care how far or often you run, running slow will never help you get fast. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and marathon runners. I am not impressed that you finished a marathon in 5 hours. I am more impressed that it took you 7 hours to sprint 421 100-meter repeats.

21. Percentages are a waste of time for beginners.
Why you ask, because to efficiently lift a true 1 RM you need an extremely well training central nervous system. And efficiency in the CNS comes from prolonged training. Hence, how could a beginner have enough control over their body or their CNS to put forth the ability to lift a true 1 RM? They can’t. So don’t do it.

22. Every man should own a slow cooker and a grill that uses lump wood charcoal.

23. Meat from grass-fed cows should make up the bulk of your daily food consumption.

24. Drink water.
Anyone who tells you they don’t like to drink water needs to grow the fuck up. How much…at least 1 ounce per 2 lbs of body weight.

25.  Dont let fear be your limiting factor.
Louie Simmons told me, "To master kung fu, the training must be severe." What Louie means is, don't take the easy way out. Winners and champions are forged in the crucible of competition and hard work. Don't let fear of not meeting your goals be your limiting factor when it comes to training or success.

26. Full Fat Greek Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and probiotics. Anyone that tells you dairy from pasture raised animals is bad, should be pushed in the mud.

27. Have the talent to rest.
If you think taking a rest day is weakness, you have never really trained hard. And you definitely have low testosterone levels.

28. The Second Amendment was put in place to guarantee the First Amendment. Problems arise when we allow our leaders to suspend the First Amendment and many other rights given to us in the Bill of Rights because of fear. When terrible things happen in society, we are so quick to give away our rights so the government can protect us and make it so it never happens again. It is impossible to stop bad people from doing bad things, but you can train and prepare for the day when good men are called upon to stop evil men. That is Edmund Burke.

29. Guns are inanimate objects that can be used to do harm. Much like cars, airplanes and knives, all these things can be turned into weapons if someone so chooses. Banning the sale, use or ownership of inanimate objects will no better cure the world of evil, and then eating low-fat food will cure a fat ass.

30. Lift heavy and awkward implements.
The power from picking up and lifting awkward and heavy objects creates a strength not found in a weight room. Anyone that grew up on a farm or wrestled or played football with farm kids knows what I am talking about. We also call this Field Strong.

31. Having kids puts everything into perspective.
My wife and I had twin girls in late 2011; I just came up for air in late 2012. Kids put things in perspective. The things that mattered so much, seem small and unimportant. What is important is raising your kids, providing a positive role model and keeping your wife happy and loved so she doesn’t drive the whole train off the tracks.

32. Learn to cook.
Even if it just involves adding meat, water, salt and root vegetables to a slow cooker or burning meat on a grill. Learn to cook. Nothing is as unimpressive as someone who cannot or will not learn.

33. Stop posting on message boards. If you have more than 100 posts on any message board, kick your own ass.

34. Twitter rocks.
If you can’t say it in a 140 characters, it doesn’t need to be said.

35. Training Vs. Testing.
Learn certain days are training days other days are testing days. Have a plan each day and realize professional athletes don’t compete everyday. They save that for when the money is on the line and the crowd is in the stands.

36. Read. Real. Books.
In this Internet age, digital books, periodicals, websites and blogs consume us. I feel something is missing, hard copy books.

37. Bacon.
I started eating bacon in the 70’s. I am not sure when many of you found bacon, but if it was last two years, I am sorry. Up until recently for many, bacon has been a mystery. But upon finding it, it is all they talk about. I am proud of you for finding bacon. I am sorry your dad didn’t make bacon on Saturdays when you were growing up. I believe it makes you feel primal and talking about bacon on social media is your way of thumbing your nose at society, but enough. Welcome to the party and guess what? We are serving bacon.

38. I don’t care that you are 100% Paleo; if a friend offers you a beer, drink it. Nothing says "FU" like not accepting a drink from a friend because of a diet. Grow the fuck up.

39. Work the tissue.
Active Release Therapy. Graston. Deep Tissue Massage. Mashing. Do something to mobilize tissue and speed recovery.

40. Move the bar as fast as possible.
When lifting weights, you should move the bar as fast as you can at all times. Think compensatory acceleration. If you have never head the term “compensatory acceleration”, go google it now. I will wait. Slow reps are akin to the splinters in your ass from sitting on the bench watching the explosive guys play. The only thing moving slow did, was make me slow. Fuck slow.

41. Don’t be a cartoon character.
In today’s age of social media and virtual existence, people are not held to the same standards they were so long ago. Individuals are more cartoon characters than real people. Be a real person that can be depended on and does not take every opportunity to take advantage of those around you. Being a man involves more than growing a beard and drinking whiskey…even those things do help.

42. High testosterone levels = nice guys.
I read a study a while back that related mental wellness and all around nice guys having higher testosterone levels than their male dick head counterparts. Next time you meet a douche bag, instead of cursing the day he was born, realize he is a lesser male and just has low testosterone levels. Pity him, because there is nothing worse for a man than having low testosterone levels. If you are reading this and think you might have low test levels, go see a doctor.

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  1. EPIC! Strong work as always John

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  3. Daz

    Greatest TTMJ post ever.

  4. Matt Swift

    That post rocked my world. So much wisdom. Respect.

  5. dang3rtown

    #20 fuck yeah!

  6. Richie

    I agree with and laughed at most of your points, but I need to ask, what exactly do you know about being a bartender, and what prompted your statement in point #13? What exactly is wrong with said job, or many other night shift jobs? Cops, bartenders, healthcare workers, security guards, cocktail waitresses, casino dealers, etc. These are all perfectly good jobs that include workers on the late night shift that don’t need ignorant comments bashing them or their livelihoods. Are you, and other day walkers and early risers, somehow superior to us night shift workers? I happen to be a bartender, student, and Crossfitter, and enjoy doing all three. What about your life makes it better than mine? This job is not my career, I don’t plan on doing it forever, and will probably end up with an early rising necessary career someday. However, currently as a bartender, I can Crossfit, lift, and physically and athletically keep up with some of the best. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I’ve qualified for the Crossfit at the regional level in Southern California, and am one of the better athletes in my gym and the local area. All of this while not even devoting half the time that many other Crossfitters and other athletes devote to their sport. Secondly, I know many people, and have many friends, that are talented and athletic bartenders, cops, nurses, cocktail waitresses, and other night shift working professionals. Your post was entertaining until I saw that remark, and then it totally discredited your as the author of it. Ignorance…

    • Nancy (aka Richie) – I am sorry I kicked sand in your vagina. Your cocktail waitressing job is just fine. And after all I wrote, you globbed on to that one point? Wow. You definitely have low testosterone levels due to the loss of normal cadian rhythms. You response was extremely whiney. You can swing my gym anytime for a free hug.

      And just for reference, I worked security and as a bartender for 3 years in college. And for the first 6 years of my NFL career I kept late hours. I work with several LE agencies, firemen and spec ops groups that have terrible hormonal problems due to messed up cortisol and metabolic derangement from disturbed cadian rhythms and a messed up sleep schedule.

      And not to make fun of you anymore, but your “athlete” comment made me laugh. Reminded me of the guy who hemmed up Tony Gonzalez at a restaurant telling him about his high school football career. He made all conference and could have played some juco ball if the coach hadn’t screwed him.

      • Richie

        Wow. Is your goal to insult anyone that disagrees with anything you say? How about an intelligently worded rebuttal? You say I have low test levels? You’re the one that is sounding like an OC brah douche bag roid raging over a discussion that could have simply been put to rest about why you came up with your statement due to your knowledge of cadian rhythms and hormones. Instead you resort to souding like you’ve had one too many head injuries during your glory days on the field. I’m sorry I disagreed with you. I should really bow before you and your elite athletic experience and knowledge. I was never claiming to be elite. All I said is I do pretty well without even trying that hard and while maintaining a fucked up work and sleep schedule in rebuttal to your statement. Also, I didn’t just “glob” on to one statement, I said that I agreed with and laughed at most of them. Sand in my vagina? Give up your cushy life and go serve your country in te Marines as I did and then see who has sand in their vagina.

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  8. Conchobar

    Great post. But sometimes the amount of right-wing american political stuff on sites like this, elite, LRB, etc can be a real turn-off. If I wanted to be baffled by american attitudes to owning automatic weapons, I’d watch fox news

    • Sites like what? A personal blog where I answer questions about training, nutrition, politics, government, books and the zombie apocalypse? Yes, totally wrong place to discuss my opposition to the giving up of our civil rights. And why is it “right wing” to not agree with acts that violate the Bill of Rights? I am far from right wing. What I am, is a believer in the initial ideals of this country. And it never fails when I make any political commentary there is always one butt hurt person who wines about this not being a political site and them not wanting to talk about this stuff. Too bad. Another case of low test.

  9. Tony

    Great stuff. Love #38, probably the most annoying thing about a CFer. P.S. this is only my 1st post on your site.

  10. Josh V

    Damn, I’ve got a full on chub.

  11. Wesley

    This is brilliant prose. I love it!

  12. derp

    #43. Proofread. Then, proofread again.

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  14. Ingo B

    Ask me 2 years, 11 months, 364 days ago, and I would have scoffed at #31, but now that my daughter is in my life, I see it as an absolute truth.

    Also, suggested addendum to #32 – it scores you chicks.

  15. derp

    Isn’t it ironic that anyone who offers any criticism whatsoever immediately gets a personal insult from the man himself who proclaims to be the staunchest defender of civil liberties and freedom of expression.

    • How did I insult you? I just made a comment you might have low test levels. If you really wanted to help, you would have emailed me with any corrections you came across. Instead you choose to be a dick, tried to be funny, all the while using some lame ass handle and fake email. All of this spells douche and low test levels.

  16. Sean R

    John, thank you. (Just wanted to counter some of the negativity the internet warriors are already spewing).

  17. Ted J.

    When John comments on other’s comments, it’s just as entertaining as the article.

  18. Josh W.

    Love #38! Great post article John.

  19. WC

    Why do I follow John? Because he’s not just an expert, he’s also a father and husband. Number 31….couldn’t agree more.

  20. Jeremy Jones -Diablo

    “Fuck Slow” should be a Tshirt. It applies just as much on the field as it does in the bedroom.


  21. #39 is great but you need structural integrity which will determine functional capacity…Chiropractic come 1st on the list.

  22. Andy

    Do you feel like less of a man when someone won’t drink with you John? Heaven forbid someone chooses not to consume alcohol based on what they feel is right for their body, whether they are right or wrong. Also, accusing someone of having a vagina as an insult? That’s awesome bro!! Clearly you’ve got a ton of testosterone.

  23. I also tended bar for years in my 20’s. An older co-worker once taught me a great lesson when I was 21.
    “If you don’t have the balls to say it to their face, don’t say it at all.”
    Derp, Andy, Richie. When you’ve been putting programming and articles up for years and have traveled the world training athletes and put yourself out there for rejection and ridicule from lesser beings. Then we will listen to you and your nonsense.

  24. Jeff

    things “I” learned…
    by John – if you only want to hear your own opinion go talk to a mirror

  25. Nate


    Good job keeping things in context there Andy. Seems to me the title was things John learned leading up to 2013, not the 42 COMMANDMENTS HAND BY GOD TO JOHN LEADING UP TO 2013. Does his introspective reaction offend you? You should have wrote “John, I don’t do alcohol; your personal feelings about someone offering you beer offend me because I have nothing more important in my life to worry about than other people enjoying each-others company with beer.”

    Lack of critical thinking is more poisonous to the health of society than “Alcohol.”

  26. Frank

    #28-29: Seriously? More Second Amendment stuff on a strength training blog?

    Of all the rights conferred in the Bill of Rights, only the Third Amendment impacts our daily lives less than the Second. Protection from government searches and seizures? Outlawing torture? The right to counsel? Due process? Nope–it’s guns you’ve got the fetish for.

    • We lost the 4th ammendment with the inclusion of the Patriot Act. Which I have never supported. They dont care about the 3rd ammendment b/c I dont think they are contemplating us quartering soliders in our homes. The recent attack on the second ammendment shows a trend. And I have always made it a priority to learn to handle and use firearms. Our founding fathers felt being well trained was an important criteria of being a citizen of the United States.

  27. Reading this post will guarantee higher T levels… thanks John, fantastic as always! Please continue your knowledge-bombing antics!

  28. Marvel Man

    Adamantium is light weight and indestructable, a poor example for a heavy metal

  29. Nate


    Andy, I apologize; I failed to address your “Vagina” call out. Really guy? What slang term do you approve of? Which reference to being a “Pussy” would be politically correct enough for you, god of the fucking internet Andy? Again you fail to grasp the concept of context. Perhaps the Federal Gov’t should grasp it for you and edit the internet so you aren’t offended by other peoples choices in vernacular. So far you offended by Beer and Vagina. Really guy? Fucking Beer and Vagina offend you? Those are literally two of my favorite things; which happen to go together like welp Beer and Vagina. Life is short; stop being a Vagina and drink some beer.

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  31. Mike Benson

    Awesome points!

  32. Nate


    Ignorance is bliss.The 2nd amendment protects much more than your right to own firearms. I’ll never understand why people are against freedom and liberty. Local laws should be the only ones with the power to prohibit gun ownership not federal fucking mandates. When you and your unicorn get back from your trip to the lollipop rain forest I’d love to hear your opinions on healthcare and income tax.

  33. Matt

    Nothing else on the interwebs should ever be read until this is read.

  34. Kyle Boyer

    Favorite post yet, Thx John, you are a great role model to the fitness community.

  35. John.. you are seriously so right on.. and you are a good person too. Thanks for this post.

  36. Dang3rtown

    Hey there “Andy” (post 52), I’m totally with you bro. John just doesn’t get what being a self actualized 90’s male is all about. So what if we took our wife’s last name when we get married? Who cares if we would rather gossip with our guy friends about vintage top siders we found on pintrest? Being a real man doesn’t mean we have to conform to the hegemonist ideals of our neanderthal forefathers. We are free to be who we are! Honestly, sometimes I don’t even know why I read this blog. It seems like a lot of the time it’s just stuff about being tough and manly, lifting weights and kicking ass. Clearly that’s an outmoded way of thinking! So wait, why are we here again?

    In the future, TTMJ may not be your best bet. Try this site instead.

  37. Elew

    I’m thinking there is now two levels of prescribed penalties to those that can’t read FAQ or use google on their own. One where the response is prescribed dick punches, and another level that, as #33 says, is prescribed to kick one’s own ass.

    Also love all these hypocrites that think its ok for them to post their opinions against the 2nd amendment but it’s not ok for those to post support for it. You aren’t a total douche for your personal opinion , the majority of why you are a douche is you believe others can’t have an opposing opinion to yours.

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  39. Karina

    Can I be on your email list of people who go out and punch those other people who need to be punched?? Thats my dream job

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  43. Chad

    Mike Boyle says you should NEVER squat, especially never back squat, and never below parallel.

  44. Great post and thanks for not picking on baseball.

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  47. Burklin

    Great read, both blog and comments. Poor little low testosterone trolls.

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  49. Maddie

    Awesome post! I just wish you would include girls- we like to work out too

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  51. It is refreshing to see that there are still men out there that fight the good fight against stereotyping, whether it be against bartenders or vaginas. These heroes have taken a stand against…ya know, i can’t keep this shit going…These candy asses need to grow up. Put down the Cosmo magazine, turn off the TV and go get a real opinion/life/friends. A couple classes at the community college and a part-time job starbucks doesn’t count. As for John, thanks for not being a watered-down, slack-jawed politician, trying to please everyone and offend no one. You’re result driven and that’s a rare thing in this world of limp wristed political correctness.

  52. Not as strong John

    What’s the thought behind the shower thing? Recovery?

  53. Ben

    Awesome post John, inspirational as always. And as an aussie who had our gun rights taken away from us in 1996, fight to maintain your rights and freedoms. Keep up the great work

  54. Great post!! SPOT ON all the way around. I was a bartender in the 80’s; hung out with drunks till 3 or 4 in the morning and slept all day. Not a good life. Being a “farmer” the last 23 years has kept me alive and well. Combined with heavy lifting, sprints, mobility and bacon. The heavy prowler pushes have cleansed my soul, I sleep 8-9 hours a night and own a gun. And weighted pull ups are the best idea I have heard for curing world hunger. We just might be soulmates.

  55. Steven Platek

    Wow, a lot of hurt butts about the bartender comment. ridiculous.
    The comment about kids and cooking – SPOT ON!, esp the part about loving your wife so she doesn’t drive it of the tracks. Fuck, that’s so right on.

    Now, Weighted pull-ups can cure world hunger… TTMJ fundraise in the making!
    Great post! Thanks.

  56. Nick

    Круто! Огромный респект автору! =)
    (It’s cool !!! respect to the author! =) )

  57. Jakob Blackwell

    If you are offended by what is said here, first read #33 (which is probably a rule you have already violated), and then stop reading.

  58. Next time you meet a douche bag, instead of cursing the day he was born, realize he is a lesser male and just has low testosterone levels. . . . . YES!

  59. Rob

    Some people’s children…John, Thanks for the great read, all of the free info, and ever better programming.

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  62. Michelle S

    LOVE!!! Thank you!

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  64. Excellent candidness. Sharing…

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  67. Roger

    I believe in 38. And I am farmer!

  68. Nate


    You seem to lack the ability to understand what you read. You see each word has a definition and when words are stringed together coherently they create sentences, and when a sentence has a purpose this creates a point or a concept the author used this combination of words to convey. You must read the whole combination to understand the concept; not just red flag words that bring an emotional reactive response that had nothing to do with the concept being presented.

    Failure to grasp meaning is understandable considering low test levels.

    “I’m surrounded by assholes” – Dark Helmet

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  70. Jonathan

    Yo Johnnie,

    I watched your Ancestral Health Symposium presentation. Short but very informative. Thanks for that. Question about #26: does the dairy from a pasture raised animal have to be unpasteurized for it to be beneficial. I know in your presentation you said you gave athletes both pasteurized and raw dairy and saw benefits but I dont remember you mentioning if you saw any differences between them.

    Talk to me Johnnie.


  71. George

    Outstanding! Refreshing to read a blog post filled with truth and useful information.

    Available to punch non-squatters or the not-below parallel lifter in the lower New York region.

  72. Andy

    Just so you all know I do drink beer and I have been a farmer going on 12 years so insulting my manhood doesn’t really bother me that much. I guess what does bother me is a blogger who bitches and moans and feels hurt when someone won’t drink a beer with him, and the use of vagina as an insult. Whatever.

  73. Andy

    And just to be clear as a farmer I work 70+ hours a week in all kinds of weather and adverse conditions and that takes drive. Usually I like johns post but I thought this one was lame. Pull ups can cure world hunger? Really? Bah. F*ing sheep.

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  78. Valerie Thomson

    Love this list!

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  81. Jared

    Great Article. Can you recommend some of your favorite books?

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  91. Kiwi Patrick

    Love it. I dont understand the gun stuff but then I’m not American, so it aint anything to do with me

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  94. Jake Schuster

    First time reading anything here. VERY well done! I love this article! “10. All the machines and praying in the world will not build a physique like the one crafted from lifting free weights over 85% of your 1 RM”. is SO important and people make every excuse to avoid it. Keep up the great work!

  95. BW

    Great post until the gun babble. You can’t kill dozens of people in minutes with a knife. You can with a plane, that’s why we’re very careful about the people that we let on them. A nuclear bomb is also an inanimate object. Nobody thinks banning guns will rid the cure of evil. Argument ad absurdum.

  96. chad

    Such a good article I decided to use 1 of my 100 message board posts to say so.

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  98. Ken

    STFU. You make bartenders and marines look bad with your whining. Man the f up and get another job if you are that insecure about your testosterone levels.

  99. tom

    The comments on this are too funny, I love it. And I know it’s funny due to the fact I’m reading this by myself and laughing out loud. Well done

  100. Great read, this list well put together and extremely valuable to me! Keep up the great work and posts.

  101. JoshL

    1. Andy is a bitch. Stop replying if you “don’t care”.
    2. This website and CFFB is awesome. I have made gains. I have put on good weight, something I have never been able to achieve throughout my entire life.
    I learn something new everyday from TTMJ/CFFB website. Learning everyday is something few people abide by because everyone thinks they know everything.
    3. Thanks for all of it. Laughing, learning, and lifting. Keep posting!

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  103. JoshL

    Sorry…*are awesome*…
    I do not want to offend the grammar gods.

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  108. I’m glad that there are like minded individuals left on this planet. Funny seeing all the anti-gun and esp the bartender dude. lol. Pure entertainment. You couldn’t pay people to leave better butt hurt comments.

  109. Owning weapons improve test levels, true fact. Firing that weapon and being proficient and accurate improve releases chemicals that are like steroids for your manhood. It’s along the same lines as growing a beard and not being offended by someones opinion on their personal site.

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  111. Love the post. Tried and true points. Reading through the comments is hilarious. Some of you people need to relax. You don’t have to agree with everything and everyone.

  112. TJ

    Hey Ben, you should thank your government for potentially saving your life. 1996 you said it was?


    Oh, what happened after 1996?

    And John, so sad such a smart person can be so brainwashed when it comes to things like guns:


    Yeah, guns are like airplanes!

    • john

      Why don’t you post some useful statistics…like cancer related deaths and illness from smoking or obesity. That seems a much more dramatic killer than guns. And while gun violence went down in Australia, deaths committed with blunt objects went up.


      Double yuck.

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  118. Joe W.

    Amazing read, you’re my hero. After reading this I immediately went to buy myself a lacrosse ball to replace my regular foam rolling and damn! I’m also happy to hear that I have earned my carbs, I’ve been trying to cut back on grains and can never get full. Gonna get back on the rice and pasta. You rock man.

  119. Stu

    People are just way too sensitive these days. This isn’t a forum for ballet or figure skating. Each person has their own personal beliefs and opinions. I am not saying I whole heartedly agree with absolutely everything posted on this site but, I am greatful to John for taking the time to offer insight into the world of what it takes to bring your physical potential to the next level. Clearly he has. You don’t need to believe in or agree with everything he says but don’t take things so personally. Be thankful that a solid program and good advice is being laid of for you for free. Maybe this site isn’t for you and you should join an ice dancing form which may be more for the sensitive type.

  120. Truly, one of the greatest posts I’ve ever read.

  121. Shane

    I know the thread’s old, but damn Richie. Not sure when you stood on the yellow footprints but back when I did the shit my drill instructors had to say set new records for what I deemed offensive comments. I don’t see how any man alive (or the women down the street at 4th Bn for that matter) who spent 13 weeks on Parris Island or San Diego could possibly be offended by #13.

  122. Shane

    Oh yeah, thanks for all your work John. You kick ass.

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  126. nat

    BIg Thanxs for this post.Awesome as u!!!

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  130. Rids

    Awesome. I feel stronger and wiser already.

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  134. Hey John,
    Really like this article – some very good points! Is it ok to reproduce it on InnerFight.com, with all credits to you of course?
    Cheers buddy

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  139. Travis Mac

    I wonder if Richie is still a Cocktail Waitress

  140. Evan

    I think he’s still cleaning out all the sand.

  141. Jonathan

    After listening to Whitlock and looking at #34, do you still feel twitter rocks John?

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  143. Sully

    I need a poster of all these to hang up in the gym.

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  147. Nate (aka the Clinic

    I wonder if Andy ever found that beer he hid in his vagina?

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