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You never know how things are going to effect you or what course they will take. Just under two years ago, my wife came home to tell me she was pregnant...with twins. Since these were our first children, we did not know what to expect; but with the feeling of the unexpected comes a great sense of the unknown.

Who will these children be?

Will I be a good father?

And what can I do to give them every opportunity, while allowing them to learn and grow?

How do you protect them from bad, but make them strong enough to stand on their own?

These are all questions every parent asks themselves, but you learn quickly you can only prepare and must deal with things as they present themselves.

I even found myself one night looking at pictures on Facebook of my friend Tony's daughter's Princess Party in utter shock, realizing one day, I might have to host a princess party for my girls.

During one of those days leading up to the girls’ arrival, Kate starting showing me pictures and updates of her childhood friend's little boy, Wade.

wades army image #1

Wade was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that grows in the nerve tissue. The pictures and reports via Facebook of this little boy's fight were heartbreaking. This bright-eyed little boy battled but ended up losing his fight. He passed away on November 12, 2011 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

He was 2 years old.

My wife and I were devastated when he passed. What made this especially hard was, he was a twin and left behind a sister. While we had never met the little boy, as a parent you can't help but feel the pain. As a father you want to protect your children, all children, from harm and bad in the world. Not being able to help this little boy reminded us how fragile life is.

Wades image #2

After his passing, his family created a foundation to remember Wade and support the fight against Neuroblastoma.

We are asking the CrossFit Football Nation to remember this little boy and help raise funds and awareness for Wades Wings.  Leading up to the charity workout, we are asking all Power Athletes to make a donation to Wade’s Wings, which is the charity that was formed in Wade DeBruin’s memory.  A donation of any $10 increment can be made below. Anyone who donates $30 or more before October 20th will receive a limited edition WADES ARMY shirt.

Shirts will ship the week of November 5th.

100% of all proceeds collected will go to the Wade’s Wings Charity.

Here the workout which we will complete on Monday, November 12, 2012.

Complete 5 rounds for time:

50 lbs One Arm DB Power Snatch - 11 reps
50 lbs One Arm DB Thrusters - 12 reps
Pull Ups w/ the 50 lbs DB - 11 reps

*You can alternate hands as needed during the workout to complete total reps.

Post times to comments and let's help Wade's Wings reach their goal of wiping out Neuroblastoma.

About Wade’s Wings

Wade’s Wings is the organizational vehicle that was created to raise money and awareness to help create treatment options for children with Neuroblastoma.  Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is extraordinarily deadly.  After enduring the most intense chemotherapy regimen given to any human beings, these infants and toddlers – these children – end up relapsing more often than not.

Once this disease comes back there is no cure.

The treatment options currently available to these children - once they do relapse – is often much too toxic for their bodies to handle after what they had to endure during upfront (induction) therapy.  As a result they spend more time trying to simply recover from these therapies so they can receive even more treatment than they spend actually LIVING life.

Wade's wings aim to achieve their mission through raising money and funding relevant research and clinical trials with doctors and scientists who have the same beliefs, supporting Neuroblastoma research and support programs.

If you donate $30 or more you get a limited edition Wade's Army shirt, leading up to October 20th. 

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32 Responses to Wade’s Army

  1. Zac Hunter

    Donated. This stuff kills me. I got to spend the day yesterday with my niece and nephews. If this happened to one of them i would be devastated.

  2. Mike Ricci

    Oh no, I donated before you posted up the Crossfit Football sub-fundraiser thing. Just pretend like our total is $30 more…5 hundo is gonna be no sweat for the CFFB nation.

  3. my gym Real World Strength and Conditioning are in. As a father and of twins this story brought a tear to my eye, good on you john

  4. Ryan McDowell

    Just donated in the name of my twin boys. No twin should be without their other.

  5. Dave

    Donated $30 from Australia. May this never happen to another family.

  6. Donated while eating breakfast with my 5 year old son and my pregnant wife. This had me pretty choked up. Kids should never have to suffer like that, nor should any parent.

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  8. Rob

    Donated. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Rick G.

    CFFB is free. It’s time to pay a little bit back and help researchers stop diseases like this one. RG

  10. Maria

    In memory of Wade and our own son, Connor, and in honor of all those still fighting, we are donating $50. This is awesome.

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  12. Nolan F

    In my niece’s name, Haley Belle. She was diagnosed at 6 months, but thankfully will be turning 3 yrs old this month.

  13. Ed Hadfield

    In memory of My Hero and My Son Cole Hadfield…. One day I will hold you again!!!

    Love Mom and Dad

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  15. Josh

    Thanks for the great articles John

  16. mars

    I have a twin and I’m a mom and I’m donating to this cause. I do not ever want to know the pain of losing my twin brother or my son.. makes me cry to think about it…

  17. Larry


    You are right, as a father this really hit close to home. It is impossible not to empathize with that little boy.

  18. Gabe Winke

    What’s the point of being strong if it’s not to help the weak?

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  22. J Shame

    Great cause. I got ya on this one, Big John.

  23. Mike Velazquez

    Hey John,
    What a great cause! I’ll be a first time father in March, my prayers and good wishes to Wade’s family

  24. Mike Velazquez

    P.S. Donated.

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  26. Chris Dumsick

    Will there be another opportunity to get a Wade’s Army tshirt?

  27. Karl O'Neill

    Tragic for the family. May they have peace.

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  29. Maureen Walker

    Praying for the family.

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