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First of all I would like to say thanks for the awesome website and the wealth of information I found on it.  I have a quick question for you, what is your opinion on soy milk?  Would you recommend it for someone who can’t drink regular milk or should I stay away from it completely.

Thank you.

Taras Demyanchuk

flesh builds flesh #1

I haven’t beat up on soy in a few years. In 2008, I launched a one man campaign on the CFB blog against soy and have not changed my thoughts. I had friend, (I stress "had") which in hopes of being healthy started supplementing with soy. With each venti soy latte, he saw his muscles go soft and him go limp. Needless to say, a teary intervention resulted after he started lactating.

"Tofu was first used in monasteries in China about 2,000 years ago, in party to promote sexual abstinence, since the phytoestrogens in soy lower testosterone levels." - Soy Alert!

The key problem with soy is that it contains phytoestrogens, which "mimic the physiological effects of the endogenous hormone, estrogen".  So by consuming soy products, you’re could be pumping hormones into your body like you are taking birth control pills. Now imagine you take your days old baby boy or girl and start pumping soy-based formula into him or her 8 times a day. The flush of phytoestrogens wreaks havoc on the surge of testosterone that happens in newborn baby boys. If your intent is to create a living Ken doll out of your boy, soy him up. I can only speculate on what the extra estrogen does to young baby girls.

"Soy isoflavones are phyto-endocrine disrupters. At dietary levels, they can prevent ovulation and stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Eating as little as 30 grams (about 4 tablespoons) of soy per day can result in hypothyroidism with symptoms of lethargy, constipation, weight gain and fatigue." - WPF

When it comes to proteins, the only ones I consume and recommend are those with faces,souls and mothers. If your protein does not have a face, soul or mother than you should it avoid like a kid huffing bath salts.

But what is soy milk?

Soy milk is a result of grinding up soy beans and mixing it with water. While it has the similar amount of protein, 6.3 grams per cup, (plant based proteins) as cow’s milk, 7.9 grams per cup, the amino acid profiles are very different. Mainly, it has about 1/3 the amount of leucine of cow’s milk. And if you are a regular reader of TTMJ, you know leucine is responsible for the anabolic effect needed to build muscle. But it doesn't stop there as researchers have long recognized them as a poor source of protein because the proteins found in soybeans act as potent enzyme inhibitors. These "antinutrients" block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion.

Finally, if you can’t consume cow’s milk than avoid it completly. Just make sure to supplement your diet with meat, preferably from grass fed cows.

In short, flesh builds flesh or FBF.

flesh builds flesh #2

Personally, I recommend the crock pot to aid in meat supplementation quest.

Here is a recipe my wife made recently.

Dry Rub
4 tablespoons of espresso grounds
1 teaspoon ground chipotle
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon garlic powder
2 tablespoon dried oregano
2 tablespoon cumin
2 tablespoon sea salt

Mix all spice rub ingredients together in a plastic container and shake well.

2 tablespoon of pasture raised butter.
5 lbs beef chuck roast from GF cow
1 red onion, halved and sliced
2 cups of squash cut into ½ inch cubes
1 cup water
1 cup organic beef broth

Heat 1 tablespoon of butter in a skillet over medium to high heat and pour over roast. Take the spice mixture and rub on the roast. Throw the other tablespoon of butter in the hot pan, wait a few seconds for it to melt and place the roast into the hot pan and sear for 3 minutes on each side.  Make sure you pan is hot enough to hear a nice searing sound, but don’t burn it! You want the coffee mix to crust up the meat.  Place your onions and squash in the crock pot. Take the roast out of the searing pan and place in the crock pot. Add the water and beef broth, cover and cook on low for 8 hours.

Serves 1.

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57 Responses to Flesh Builds Flesh

  1. Brook

    articles like this are why i LOVE ttmj…but good luck convincing all those “body by vi” folks that the weight they are losing is just their muscle turning to mush

  2. Ryan

    What would you recommend for those people that are lactose intolerant in terms of a milk supplement in coffee/tea/protein shakes?

    • I wouldn’t. Did you read the whole thing? Because unless I am taking crazy pills, I thought i said if you are lactose intolerant to avoid milk products all together. Supplement with meat. I know I just wrote this but I might have to go back and re-read it as I thought it was pretty clear….hold on…yep I am not taking crazy pills.


  3. Matt

    I am lactose intolerant and I drink about 2 liters of milk a day. I supplement with colostrum as well- I feel like it has helped with digestion much better than any enzyme pill or lactase milk.

    Just my experience.

    • How is that working out for you? do you have any friends? I hope you are drinking raw milk because if you are drinking the pasteurized stuff must be a pleasure to be around. Last time I was around someone who was lactose intolerant and threw caution to the wind with some ice cream…things got messy. Poor Raphael, I thought he was going to explode.

      Here is the deal. I don’t stomach gluten very well, so I avoid it. If I have gluten my stomach expands and things expel. I don’t have it very often as the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different response.


  4. Serves one?

    Breakfast maybe.

  5. Bert

    Hey John what type of squash do you recommend for that recipe?

  6. Zac Hunter

    Well now I know what’s for diner tomorrow.

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  8. Justin

    Jon your post of 9:57pm is freaking hilarious thank you.

  9. Paulie B

    @Ryan, I love coconut milk in my coffee. It tastes great. Try it out sometime.

    @John, love the article. Both my brothers, my coach, and I love your programming. FBF for life!!!!

  10. clark

    What would you say in regards to Derek Poundstone (not exactly effeminate) and his endorsement of soy products?

  11. Spunky

    My girlfriend is on a strict Paleo diet and drinks almond milk. Is there anything wrong with that, or are you just saying almond milk (and nuts altogether) aren’t the best source of protein?

  12. steph

    serves 1.

  13. Jake

    5lbs of beef. Serves one!

    John you are awesome and thanks for this recipe.

  14. Robbie

    Serves one….nuff said.

  15. Matt

    Pretty damn good actually- making significant gains strength wise and as long as I eat paleo I’m in the clear. Although if I exceed 2ish liters all hell breaks loose.

  16. Jackson

    John, what’s you’re take on bbqing meat or cooking it low and slow on a smoker? The spice rub for this sounds awesome. Also whats your take on pork?

    • I bbq nice steaks, slow cook big cuts and tri-tips in the crock pot. Smoke ribs, brisket and turkeys in my smoker. And really enjoy pork smoking pork ribs and slow cooking pork butt with chile verde sauce. My wife doesn’t like pork so if we have it I have to cook something else. She likes bacon which is…weird.

      By the way have you heard of this called bacon? It is quite the rage on FB and in CF circles today. I am amazed people are just finding it however. My dad was making it for us in the 70’s. Kind of like people just finding weights and talking about it on FB. Glad they are getting to the party but we have been at the party for over 20 years.

  17. Jackson

    I’m a big fan of the pork butt in the crock pot as its frowned upon to setup a smoker inside a duplex, another way the terrorists are winning, but any plans to post the chile verde recipe? Sounds like its on point.

    And yes I am firm proponent of bacon, usually the uncured from whole foods. And with using the bacon grease in different cooking applications. Can’t beat built in bacon flavor.

  18. Casey

    Goat’s milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk if you are lactose intolerant. When people are “lactose intolerant”, sometimes they are just allergic to the major protein found in cow’s milk: alpha S1 Casein protein…..which is absent in both human and goat’s milk. It’s a bit more per gallon. Try it out, you may be amazed that you can drink it without having issues. Great article John

  19. Ingo B

    As one of your 3 or 4 Asian CFFB followers, I have generally eschewed tofu, and noted (read: complained about) the lack of significant meat in most native dishes.

    While this has made me somewhat of a pariah around my family and friends, I am also the most manly.

    Great post.

    PS – I’m joking about the “3-4 CFFB followers”. I know there has to be at least 7.

  20. Jackson

    John, once again, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Just got home from anti-terrorism training at work and heading to the store to get the ingredients for this beast.

  21. Saul Harris

    I just finished a 4lb chuck roast yesterday but this recipe makes me ready for another. I love the emphasis on meat here, so many guys wish they could put on more strength and muscle and when I ask about their food they are barely eating 2lbs of meat a day!

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  23. Sean

    A pseudo-scientific comment on the effects of soy formula on baby girls…

    I have twin daughters who are now 5. In their first year, one of them was intolerant to milk based formula and we switched her to soy formula, which worked a lot better for her digestion. Fast forward 5 years… the one who drank soy formula is way more athletic than the one who drank milk formula, who’s all about ponies and princesses.

    Again, nothing scientifically defensible about my comment, or any way to know that soy had anything to do with her athleticism, but since I don’t have any sons, at least I have one daughter who doesn’t mind having a catch with me!

    • You are gauging health in a 5 year old based solely on your perceived athletic performance? And you calling my comment pseudo-science? You can tell yourself that soy is fine, but we both know deep down that stuff is not good.

  24. Andrew

    Gotta say that amongst all the great programming and advice on here and CFFB, by far the most important is the nutrional advice and recipes. Once I dialled in my diet and starting cooking some of the recipes here, my weight shot up from 90 kgs to 102 kgs and I’m recovering better and lifting more. And I feel more manly. And chicks are looking at me all the time, which is cool but my wife doesn’t really like that. But she’s full of estrogen and soy, so she’s weird. Thanks John!

  25. RK

    For the lactarded amongst you (I am one owing to my Mongol heritage) I would suggest homemade Kefir made from Raw Milk.

    Raw Milk anecdotally is easier to digest than pasteurized (I can personally vouch for this) and the process of fermentation in making kefir breaks down most of the lactase in the milk, making it much easier to digest and making life much better for those you spend time around.

    By real Kefir grains, not powdered starter.

    PS: Genghis and his army drank fermented mare’s milk like it was going out of style… and this fuckers killed everyone. Just saying.

  26. I prefer the following recipe – 5 lbs chuck roast… That’s it. Raw and riddled with blood. But all joking aside – I’ve been eating raw meat for over a year, and I love it. If for no other reason than there is certain desired psychological effect produced by sinking your teeth in a bloody hunk of cow meat.

  27. LDubois

    @Steve Kurvach,

    Please use your entire name when posting (first, middle, and last). This is how they end up referring to all serial killers / cannibals eventually anyways. It will make it easier for us to recognize you in the news.

    “cozy…if you’re Hannibal Lecter!”

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  29. Susan

    Love this! I was/am lactose intolerant, but a dairy guy asked my to try just a little every day, slowly increasing it….and it works! I can now have a serving of regular ice cream ( not that I need it ) or a glass of milk and not feel like I’m dying!

  30. Todd Culclasure

    Try googling phytoestrogens and soy, there will be links to a good many studies. Read them and decide for yourself if it’s a good idea to give the stuff to your kids. Seems to me the evidence suggests soy=bad idea. On the other hand: Meat, five pounds, ‘Nuf Said!

  31. Sean

    To clarify on my initial comment, I meant that my comment was pseudo-science.

    I agree… we don’t touch soy… just found it interesting when you commented above, speculating on the effects of extra estrogen on baby girls. I realized that I have a pseudo-scientific live experiment of the effects of extra estrogen on a baby girl, with a control subject, my other daughter. In any case, her intolerance of milk went away after her first year and she’s been chugging milk ever since.

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  34. Kyle

    “When it comes to proteins, the only ones I consume and recommend are those with faces,souls, and mothers.”, This one really got me I literally laughed out loud here. Almost every article of yours I read either gives me a hard on or makes me want to go lift some heavy ass weights. And this does both.

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  36. The raw meat kick is only part of a long history of experimenting with my diet and nutrition. Do I adhere to a strict raw diet? Absolutely not – I cook every night. But raw meat can be just as satisfying as cooked meat – a little seasoning goes a long way. So what’s the problem? Does the idea of eating a raw steak seem too weird for the purveyors of skinny lattes, free health-care and pop music? Fine, shave some raw steak and put it on a salad with some au jus sauce. Stuff that in your piece-pipe and smoke it, fuckin’ hippies.

    And if you disagree with me, you’re obviously a racist, planet-hating homophobe that clubs baby seals.

  37. Eating raw meat is a disservice to your body – cooking and processing assists the breakdown of key ingredients/proteins that contribute to your muscle building bad ass self (sans overcooking that is).

    Read some Wrangham – his work on cooking among tribal cultures and the experimental data on rodents is, er, pretty much irrefutable. I guess taste/texture prefs aside it turns out that if you process your food (like say by cooking it, or chewing the fuck out of it, pref both) you extract as much as 30% more nutrients that contribute to weight gain. That’s why raw diets are prescribed as weightloss tools and NOT muscle/power building tools.

    great recipe and the SERVES 1 makes me love this site more, just when I thought I couldn’t! Great stuff brother!

  38. fintan

    Read this article while eating a chunk of animal flesh and organic whole milk

  39. RK

    Don’t hate on raw. tartare with a raw egg yolk on top is damn f’ing good. so is toro.

    Why choose. Eat it all I say.

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