Always Hungery

I recently read your post about leaning out; I am currently 5'11", 235 lbs with a lean body mass around 170-175 lbs. I would like to get my weight down since I am not a football player and just trying to enjoy life and tend to engage in recreational cardio sports, (Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, ect). I have several times tried to go "clean" on my diet, cutting out most dairy and simple carbs like you talked about in your "Leaning Out" post. I always seem to quickly lose a tremendous amount of weight, then crash and eat poorly again. I know this is due to the calorie deficient and my body wanting the weight to be lost at a slower pace. When I eat clean, it's usually fruit, lean meats, nuts, eggs and vegetables. Again, when I do this the weight comes off fast, but I can never stick to the diet. What would you suggest, a glass of whole milk at each meal?

Just a little insight into what my normal activity is like, I play basketball twice a week, follow CrossFit or Crossfit Football (I switch back and forth) and work at a restaurant on my feet 3-4 nights a week. Other than that, I am a sedentary student.

Thank you for your time,

J****a S******t

Always hungry #1

What do I recommend?

How about growing up. Stop being a child, take some accountability and have some follow through. If you want to get your weight down so you can be more competitive at Ultimate Frisbee (5 years ago I would have kicked my own ass for uttering these words), then don't crash and emotionally stuff your face with donuts. You are not an 18-year-old girl who just moved away from home and is enjoying unlimited soft serve in the college dining common.

Second, how about proof reading your emails before you send them. A small piece of me died while reading all of the spelling and grammatical errors in your email. If you are a college student, I expect more. Hopefully, at some point you won't be working at a restaurant and you will have to use your education to kick in life's door. I took my valuable time to edit your email, as I would not post it the way you sent it. Why? Because it would make us both look moronic.

You even misspelled "Hungery" in your subject line. Hungry is not commonly spelled with an "e", unless you are sending this email via time machine from 1846. The only other place I found the word "Hungery", was in Urban Dictionary.

Finally, years ago my dad gave me the secret to success in life:


He told me to get up early each day and work. And to take everything I did with great pride; success breeds success.

*I have attached the original email below.

Always hungry #2

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85 Responses to Always Hungery

  1. Ingo B

    I hate it when people mix programs. To me, it’s code for “I just want to do what I’m good at and stay comfortable”.

    It shouldn’t bug me, but it does.

  2. Luke Espe

    “When I eat these things the weight comes off fast…” well there ya go pal!

  3. Bill

    Beat down! But needed. This site isn’t for hand holding.

  4. Anthony S

    Hey John, just curious but why don’t you mention IF? I know that fasting has been the easiest way I’ve ever stayed lean, and it’s the easiest way I’ve ever seen anyone lose fat at all. Not to mention the metabolic effects that compliment the loss of fat. Do you not like it or…?

  5. Jay

    “eggs with vegitables” was the highlight of the email for me.

  6. Austin W.

    Well said! I myself am trying to cut about 15 pounds to get down to around 190. My daily diet looks like this:
    2 Hard boiled eggs in the morning
    Post workout Cassein in milk shake, 12oz. 400 cals. about
    Clean turkey, chicken, or steak cubes for lunch(sometimes with gluten free bread to make it a sandwichs with a slice of cheese)
    Same for dinner, with a potato or other veggie.
    I drink about a cup of milk with dinner and over 100 oz of water a day.

    Do you see anything else I could be doing to shed some pounds? I am wanting to be leaner for the All-Navy Rugby team in August.

    • I met a guy on an airplane who handed me a phrase I use quite often as it applies to everything in life.

      Make more or want less.

      For you….

      Train more or eat less. You only have two options.

      And no more questions about leaning out. The word leaning out just means skinny. I promote performance and not being a skinny pussy.

      You guys are startin to sound like cast offs from T-Nation. If you are looking to increase performance, then lift heavy and run fast. If you want to lean, get a speedo and go to the pool.

  7. art vandalay

    I hope instead of getting ass hurt this kid takes your advice to heart.

    • Nope. right now he is angry and saying things like, “John is an asshole. He sounds just like my father, my professor and my high school ultimate frisbee coach.”

      Everybody hates the truth. This is why the internet is so popular. Everyone is 6’5″, 275 lbs w/ a black belt in MMA, a gold medal, a 1000 lbs squat and a degree in O Chem from Harvard.

  8. Far kinder than I would have been, which is partially why I’m not in a position where people consult me for advice about anything. I tend towards the Dr. Denis Leary approach.

  9. Austin W.

    Aye Aye Captain. I’ll add in some true running days in. 10×110’s here I come!

    And I didn’t exactly mean lean, I just mean’t not fat looking at 5’8″

    • Now if you said, I dont want to look like a fat ass when I am meeting girls at the bar…then I am open to helping.

      Train harder. Run more. Eat less. Drink lots of water. This has been the recipe for looking jacked for many years and helping many a guy find his way to Pound Town.

  10. Ty Fyter

    F’ing just “asploded” with laughter when I read the “O chem from Harvard” comment haha 😉

    • I only know one man with a PhD in O Chem from Harvard and he is way too smart to get on the internet. If he did, there would hoards of butt hurt people hiding in their closets.

  11. Ty Fyter

    I’ve always found that people on the internet are more akin to the Oracle at Delphi than scientists….


  12. Greg H

    I enjoy the way you handle these questions, John.

    “But I can never stick to the diet.” Reminds me of this great skit with Bob Newhart:

  13. Sarah

    If the problem is due to not getting enough calories, then eat more. That is a separate issue from what types of food you are eating. Eating clean is not causing you to be calorie deficient.

  14. Smuggler

    “…6’5″, 275 lbs w/ a black belt in MMA, a gold medal, a 1000 lbs squat and a degree in O Chem from Harvard.”

    Did you take that from my bio?

  15. freddy

    Maybe he goes to Chico…..

  16. Josh W.

    Best response yet! Eat better and work harder… consistently. That’s a tough pill to swallow for most.

  17. sven

    my advice would be to stop doing whatever it is your doing and go to class you sound like a fool. ever hear of spell check???? please tell what school you attend so my kids don’t apply.

  18. Dave

    Sven, your post wasn’t much better.

  19. J

    You should have simply ridiculed his spelling. Your grammatical errors in posts have always been subpar (ironically including this post). I hope the kid still gets your message dispite the raging T aggression.

    • Thanks for the offer to help J. I have broad shoulders. Please correct my grammar. I am not without fault. After 150 posts, I am sure I have a few errors. My usual error comes in the form of omitted words. When your brain works as fast as mine, sometimes you skip a word. But my spelling is on point and obviously my grammar is pleasant enough for you to understand the meaning of the post. Unlike my Andrew, I could barely get the meaning.

      Ironically, the grammar in your short comment, is less than ideal. You should have said, “your grammar at times has been subpar.” Saying, “Your grammatical errors in posts have always been subpar”, is both wordy and unclear. Do you mean my performance in 150 posts is subpar? Please forward me any and all grammatical errors on Talk To Me Johnnie and I will make sure to make corrections. Like I said, I have broad shoulders.

      If you are referring to the original question, you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit.

      Please forward me a link for your site and blog. i woud be happy to go through the information with keen intellect and give you feedback on grammar, spelling and content.

      However, you only let me J. Shame. I will wait upon baited breath.

  20. Mike Arutunian

    It all boils down to consistency like you mentioned before. I’ve been able to keep the 140 lbs off that I’ve lost in the past for over 2 years now. While I’m not here to pat my self on the back, I have never given up, or resorted back to my old ways. A co-worker of mine used to say J.F.D.I (just fucking do it). Thanks John, for all the advice.

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  22. Sean R

    You’re a better man than me for even taking the time to respond to this.

  23. Hez

    This is a fair post. John has taking a lot of time and effort to put a lot of information on here and the CFFB website. All it takes is a consistent hard effort to follow this information. Day in, day out. Unfortunately it is hard and takes effort. We all need a kick up the arse sometimes, just don’t take it personally.

  24. ABell

    Holy cow Big John just put into words for all to see exactly what i thought when this kid reposted his email on the CFFB site. Well said John

  25. Andrew D

    HAHAHAHAHA. I am so happy I read this before bed. What a wonderful way to end my night!!

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  29. james

    Another student from University of Florida. Next time use an iphone for autocorrect.

  30. Craig

    Thank you, John. Reading this was refreshing. I have just recently started reading your posts. I’m sure that I’m not alone on this, but I am sick and tired of everything being sugar coated. Everyone is not “entitled” to a participation ribbon. It is amazing how hard work and consistency pay off.

    Thank you for the knowledge you share. Hopefully there are no grammatical or spelling errors. I have proof read this too many times.

  31. Ja-Ronius

    Wow, tough love. Hope dude has thick skin (though I doubt it).

    @Ingo B: yeah dude, that irritates me too. I have no idea why, but it does.

  32. JeffM

    Dear “Big Shoulders” John, I’m really glad to hear this: “And no more questions about leaning out.”

    I realize these questions aren’t totally ridiculous, but they’re not exactly CFFB-centered goals either. I got into this programming about a year ago because I wanted to become a bigger, stronger, more powerful athlete. If I need to “lean out” at some point, I will have to acknowledge that I’m compromising those goals (the goals of CFFB) in pursuit of aesthetic goals. I’ll have to drink less than my daily half gallon of whole milk, and I’ll have to bias my conditioning towards “cutting” instead of performance.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s also not CFFB. Enough with the “leaning out” already. And dammit, John addressed this in the post from August 18, 2011. It’s called… “Leaning Out!”

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  34. J Shame

    Here is a hint: Ease up with the comma splices. You have great information, and I enjoy your blog. The irony was just too much. Maybe some day the computer gods will make a keyboard big enough for your broad shoulders.

    On a much more serious note – I was debating on sending you feedback on the typos I find. My writing is complete shit, but I can still pick out your typical errors. I guess I’ll give it a shot as see what happens now.

    • J Shame? That is no better than just J. And no url for your blog or site.

      Comma splicing? No dice amigo. There are certain rules of grammar that can be broken and tying two sentences together with a comma or comma splicing is one. This practice has always been part of my writing style. A style honed at Berkeley in the English/Rhetoric dept. And when you get more advanced you can start sentences with the And and Because. I know you are not there yet…but hold on, I will let you know when you are ready.

      But next time you find problems with sentence construction (sans comma slicing) please drop me an email.

      Vaya Con Dios.


  35. Smuggler

    Craig, proofread is one word. POW!

  36. Robbie

    “Make more or want less”

    That is perfect John, thank you. That one is going on the board in the gym today.

  37. Jason


    I love the “train for performance” aspect of this site. Wendler made similar comment in one of his Q&A posts recently. Something along the lines of: “train, eat, live for performance and the rest will follow”. It’s too bad more people don’t follow this mantra.

    I hope for the sake of our nation’s academic status, the writer is foreign. Otherwise…

    • That makes a lot of sense. I spoke to Jim last week and the topic of our conversation….training and eating for performance. Even though he writes for the mothership of “I rather have abs than squat 2 x body weight”, Jim kicks a big dose of reality at every turn. Very few people are straight shooters and practice what they preach; Jim is one of the few.

  38. Alan

    Holy shit, people. This isn’t the spelling bee. John obviously puts his sentences and words together well enough so your tiny little brains can understand them. Nobody is fucking perfect. With that being said, you should write better than the person who sent John the email.

    If you’re here to simply criticize his grammar and spelling, GTFO and go use an elliptical.

  39. Ingo B

    Good grammerr, speling. And righting is over raided.

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  41. crow

    There are good reasons to lean out.

    Some athletes need to be able to make weight for their divisions, but still benefit greatly from what CFFB has to offer.

    Not sure if they have weight classes in ultimate frisbee though. 🙂

  42. Joe Wells

    It makes me laugh to read about all the people who come to CFFB and their number 1 priority is to “lean out.” I think its great that people want to get lean or be healthier, it beats being a fat POS and doing nothing with your life. What I don’t understand is how people get so disconnected from the original purpose of this tool that is CFFB. I originally started following the workouts about 3 years ago because I saw the utility they had for making me a better lacrosse player (also, it wasn’t something that was aiming at making me look pretty in mirror, which I really dont care about.) I’ll admit that I strayed away from the site for a little while and worked on more of a power lifting program, but I realized that it was killing my performance on the field (so what if its post collegiate men’s league) Needless to say, I am in the process of coming back over to the good stuff. Just wanted to drop my 2 cents on this subject, maybe it’ll help someone but probably not. I hope the younger readers of CFFB and TTMJ can start to understand what is the purpose behind the CFFB programming, until then I guess John will just have to keep dropping knowledge bombs on these guys.


  43. src

    Comma splicing, not slicing, dude.

    • So now we are commenting and editing comments of posts. Nice work, how board are you? Once again the nameless keyboard samurais come out to play.

      Occasionally I am away from my computer and post on my iphone. The feature known as auto-correct has a mind of it’s own and decided to change comma splicing to common slicing.

      There is a big difference between misplacing a word (common for comma), omitting a word due to typing fast and the what you view as the occasional run on sentence.

      The theme of the post was about submitting a question to be answered that was both legible, coherent and without spelling errors. And not because I am an Berkeley elitist or a grammar nazi. But because it slows down the process and takes time to mend it.

      SRC – since we are on small typos. “Comma splicing, not slicing, dude.” Is not a sentence, it is a fragment.

      And J submitted a edited version of one of my earlier comments. He thought I had too many run on sentences. Maybe if I was in 3rd grade. But not for my writing style.

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  45. src

    I was going to let it go, but that is funny.

    • You are way too easy. I sat here and bet my wife dinner you would comment. I told her thechoke commenter would not resist. She bet me different. Predictability and not having to make dinner are my two favorites today.

      Way to easy.

      10 mins flat.

      Now go do something productive.

  46. Smuggler


  47. src

    Nice. I love it. Until next time.

  48. Ethan

    Hey John are you going to be at occupy strength South Baltimore?

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  50. Fintan

    i’m gonna say to all the keyboard warriors out there…skip this one John has a lot of good points….and don’t bother saying i have a typo cause i don’t give a shit

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  53. Ethan

    If you do come il be the guy who barely gets over 1000 on th cffb total haha. Cant wait for it though your program is great and im looking forward to seeing the numbers some guys put up.

  54. ABP

    Just for the record, and since we are all evidently playing at being Grammar Nazis here, the phrase is “I will wait with bated breath”. I will admit that it would be interesting to see someone try to wait upon bated breath. Perhaps it takes on a more corporeal form due to the suspense surrounding it?

    Love the site.

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  59. Awesome work as usual my friend…hope ur well man, it’s been a while.

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  61. Dingo

    As the kids in my school say “TREATED!”

  62. Sam

    I cannot believe there were people who took the time to analyze John’s posts in regards to spelling and grammar. The guy is a knowledge bucket who can makes all of us better. I’m not sucking your dick, John, but I do respect the hell out of you. In other words, if you’re under 200# and don’t have AT LEAST a 400# back squat, 500# deadlift, 300# power clean, 300# bench and some decent conditioning, stop fucking trolling this site for grammar errors and get your ass stronger. Also, use his advice to guide you along the way, because God knows you haven’t been doing it right. yet Now, I can attest to all those except the power clean, so I’ve obviously still got some work to do.

  63. Sam

    Hmm, looks like I too had some errors

  64. Dann Gronland

    1) Snakes alive, people! This blog is a source of free advice, given voluntarily, by someone with years of experience of training at the highest possible level. Why, oh why, are people quibbling over grammatical incidentals with said author of free advice? This is for talk about, training, performing and eating for training and performing. If you want to talk about spelling and grammar, go find a blog about spelling and grammar.

    2) People talking about being lean are usually these people

    Take up a contact sport or go home!

  65. Lin

    Hey John!
    I just want to tell you how much I love this program. I am following the amateur program and have seen amazing strength gains. I am a 29 year old female about a 140 lbs and I consider myself to be athletic but working on getting stronger day by day:) So far, I am up to 175# for my 3×5 squat and 130# for my 5×3 cleans (those numbers use to be my 1rm). I have been committed to this program since early February. I am going to continue to plug away at it but I wanted to know a rough estimate on how much I should be lifting for a female my build? Is sky the limit or is there a good target weight to have? My plan is to go until I hit a wall with the weight and then either stay at that weight until I can get more efficient at it or do you think it’s best to go back down a bit and work back up again as the weeks progress. I know it’s a linear progression, just need to know if I am on the right train of thought here. Thanks a million for all of your insight and for taking the time out from your family to b.s with all of us (even the idiots). P.s I am identical twin and my dad has been a football coach for 45 years. CrossFit and Football are a match made in heaven!

    • Lin,

      it sounds like you are asking questions in the comments section. Questions are better submitted to be used on the site.

      But since I am here…dont set limits. Go for broke. There is no body type or ability to make a rough estimate on your potential. Especially, in less than a 100 words on a comments sections.

  66. This is a great post.

    The food I eat day to day is meats, lots of veg, some fruit (high in glucose e.g. berries), 3 Brazil nuts in the morning (for selenium), cinnamon and some other spices. lots of Green drinks, coconut oil with every meal, i do eat potato both sweet and white, rice (white) for its nutrient binding properties (the myth of the potato getting you fat is bullsh*t, there is fact to prove that). I take magnesium, and drink only goats milk as cow dairy is really not that good for you.

    I only eat 2-3 a day (depending on when i fast). Fasting for fat loss. once i get to a desired fat percentage/look i will always eat 3 times a day.

    I have seen major results from my food plan and crossfit and will be soon writing a post on my blog (below) about this.

    Please feel free to ask me questions, my contact form is on my site (above).

    Take care crossfitters

    • Jordan,

      Your diet sounds awfully similar to the diet recommendations made on this site mixed with IF.

      Anytime you offer things like “facts to prove that” you better support your facts with evidence.

      and why is cow’s milk not good for you? but goat milk is? please back this up with some knowledge. We love knowledge bombs. My only caveat is…you better bring something new to the table. Regurgitating something I have seen wont end well.

      But let me see if I have this right, what you are saying is…eating a diet free of processed foods, high in protein and fat, mixed with IF (basically, just a fancy way to get some caloric restriction by limiting your meal windows) and high intensity interval training (aka CrossFit) is good for losing body fat.

      I think you are late to the party but good on you for “finding” this.

      Be well.


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  68. Lin

    Just seemed like everyone was asking questions in here, sorry to not stay on the topic of grammatical errors, leaning out and comma splicing. Haha. Thanks, will keep moving forward…..

  69. Nathan Greaves

    Where the fuck did respect go?

  70. (Other reviewers have reported the problem. Others have also noted that the DELL adapter that comes with the DELL Inspiron tends to DELL short out after about a year of use. That is also no bargain.)

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