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I am curious to know the advantages/disadvantages as well as the differences between CFFB and regular CrossFit.


Karl Bailey

crossfitfootball wiki #1Anyone want to answer his question?

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  1. CDog 123

    CFFB has been scientifically proven to make your cock grow; repair damaged eye sight; and most importantly lower your energy bill.

  2. Shaun

    John, how do you not go all Falling Down, getting asked the same questions day in day out?

  3. CDog 123

    On this the Feast of Benedict Biscop I take pity upon you my son and answer your question this time and this time only….
    We use organic functional movements performed at high intensity to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during a football game. Football is a game of seconds and inches. CrossFit Football knows the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel. With this in mind, we can replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field. By combining high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program, the result is a training program that is unparalleled in the industry
    The CrossFit Football program is designed to work for all players regardless of age or experience. The loads, distances, times, intensity, and programming can be scaled, and the program has been designed to meet the needs of athletes at all levels of training advancement.
    “For football, we know the demands; football is a game of inches and seconds. We know that timeframe and scale, and we know when, where, and how game day is played. Knowing this, we can precisely prepare for the demands of the sport. What we cannot control is the player’s talent: his instincts, and his ability to react to stress, pressure, and the opponent. We know what weapons we need in our arsenal and we will know when and how to use them. Optimum training results in optimum performance, and the optimally prepared athlete is in the position to make the best use of his talent, and thus to fulfill his potential as a player.” John Welbourn
    “Trainers and civilians needs are more akin to the firefighter, cop and soldier than they are to the elite athlete. The reason being, you don’t know what gameday will look like, you don’t know when it will occur and you don’t know what the stressor will be, You just don’t know.” Coach Greg Glassman
    Yeah, you caught me….I totally made that last part up.

  4. EP

    Karl, read the faq’s and GFY!

  5. Ingo B

    CFFB makes you better, stronger, faster but doesn’t cost $6 million.

  6. Nathan Greaves

    I heard that by doing CFFB, you can see in the dark.

  7. Sprague The Leg

    As the newest moderator for CFFB, I feel its absolutely necessary to put forth my humble opinion. I can say with confidence that this program is specifically tailored towards you. The numbers are dictated BY you performing the lifts, NOT FOR you by another trainer. Crossfit preaches being able to do all things well and randomly. Crossfit Football is designed to not be random at all, but to specifically enhance performance on the field while improving recovery. We are bigger, stronger and faster than the main site people for a reason, none of this is random! We know what’s expected from us on a daily basis and we can track our progress from day to day, not seeing if our Fran time has improved after six months.
    If you like to bang heavy weights or desire the ability to be able to, commit to a program that delivers results faster than any high school, collegiate or NFL program/ team I’ve been apart of.
    And one more thing: we live in the age of google! Everything is readily available at your fingertips, so do some research before you ask questions. Educate yourself by reading through the site, then read the XF main site. It’s really not very complicated. I’ve gotta get back to squatting now!

  8. Greg Cox

    CFFB is the heavy and fast version of Crossfit main site.

    So you can get in great anaerobic shape and keep your heavy back squat.

  9. Steve H.

    from what I’ve seen/heard, CFFB has cured cancer, raised test levels, causes mornin’ wood, allows for more beer intake, facilitates world peace, causes hair to grow (which most will shave off), makes you not-skinny, not-weak, not-dependant on kipping pullups and is overall a BADASS program. Other than that I’m not sure…….

  10. Uncle Rico

    Crossfit Football is a LEGITIMATE strength and conditioning program (an excellent one), is not.

  11. The workouts displayed on are a test of your fitness. They are not there to make you anything, but only to show you what you are. Testing yourself everyday might result in a loss of fitness e.g. injury.

    CFFB on the other hand is a true program, tailored to make you better in the areas most important for what is referred to as the power athlete, e.g. football or rugby players.

    But even if you don’t play any sports it is a good way to get powerfull, strong, fast and increase the length of your cock by at least 5 cm.

  12. Lancaster

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

  13. Kevin

    Crossfit has NO logic to it’s programming, crossfitfootball does.

  14. jakob

    CFFB and its nutrition advice, in comparison to CF’s zone diet and those fuck*ng hero wods, doesn’t make your head look bloated. No handstand pics on CFFB either, thank god….

  15. JeffM

    My two cents is a non-football perspective… CF mainsite is a random program designed towards GGP (general physical preparedness). A few years ago, they offered programming that helped folks work towards this pretty effectively. Now, it’s a political entity covered in hubris and ego. Overtraining and CNS fatigue are a couple of the very significant drawbacks from mainsite programming, as 30+ min metcons are where they get their hard-ons.

    I don’t play football and never have, but CFFB offers exactly what I want. We systematically rotate through effective, functional lifts that put a premium on strength and power. I’m not testing Strength and Speed on the field, but I wanted to be faster and stronger in general. As far as CFFB conditioning goes, the metcons and conditioning work lean towards heavy and short. Smart programmers all over know that this is more effective than 200 push presses @75# for time… You recover better and you’re always focusing on Strength. Being strong and powerful helps you improve conditioning, but the reverse isn’t true. Additionally, this program incorporates sprints and agility drills that just make you a better human.

    Karl, read the FAQ on John’s site for better descriptions. Look through all the SWOD’s and DWOD’s for December 2011. Then look at mainsite’s programming for the same month. Option 1 is something that will make you stronger and more powerful, and answer your questions along the way. Option 2 is going to be too much volume for a deconditioned athlete, and too much bullshit for anyone who takes their training seriously.

  16. cgpilot

    CrossFit prepares people for war. CFFB not only prepares you for war but allows you to be the guy to carry extra ammo, the M240, the mortar base plate and throw your wounded buddy on your back in bring him to safety.

  17. Trose

    HFS!!! Serious question??
    They are two different realms that often get limped into one.

    Strength, power, explosiveness, speed, overall athletic ability, sports relevant, strength, power, explosiveness, speed ( yes I know I said them twice)

    Ok so crossfit does have its advantages if you are talking about fitness and training for healthy life and goals. There are reasons that we have branches of crossfit (endurance =endurance competition, football= obvious but translates to other sports as well)

    CFFB generates much more strength and power while including abilities of speed and athleticism that are unmatched by nothing. I would never train an athlete on my teams with anything other than the basics that CFFB has taught me. I teach a strength class now at a box and my structure is geared towards the CFFB mindset of power and strength through some great teachIngs from John and crew.

    CFFB is unmatched for an athlete. No questions asked

  18. Caine

    CrossFit is not nearly as much fun as lifting weights everyday.

  19. I believe Bill Brasky follows the CFFB protocol. In doing so it has allowed him to accomplish such feats as fathering the entire offensive line of the 85′ Bears, shoot whiskey into his neck with a syringe, and become the best dame salesman in the office!

  20. Smuggler

    CFFB’s creators and coaches are fun & knowledgable.

  21. Ted J.

    You follow CFFB to get faster and stronger so you can dominate the CF games.

  22. Dave Rossi

    @Cgpilot.. F*ckin A right buddy!

  23. Matt

    I am a convert from CF main site. I loved the main site workouts, but was turned onto CFFB by a co-worker. I am so happy I did.
    Results-wise, I have gained a lot of lean muscle and strength. I am lifting more weight, through the use of CFFB’s amateur linear progression, than I thought I ever would. Also, I recently had to add long distance runs to my workout to prepare for a law enforcement academy(ugh). I was surprised to see that even though I haven’t done a run further than 5K since I started CFFB, I am actually faster and am less sore after runs.
    Also, CFFB is not a cult, it’s not a brand, it’s not a $120 Reebok shoe that’s no better than my Converse All-Stars or Sambas. It’s not mocking someone for eating a different way than you. It’s not learning movements for the sake of being better at those movements. It’s a way to get crazy-strong SAFELY.

  24. Uncle Rico

    Smuggler, thanks for making me blow snot all over my laptop.

  25. I agree with all that’s said above, but I also think CFFB is great for general fitness. I’m a 37 year old fella and started doing CFFB – after several months all my major lifts went up, my endurance went up (or got better or whatever), i felt great, and I kept my physique (you know whatever that is).

    Seriously, the non-randomness of CFFB is something that helps athletes plan accordingly, train effectively, and generally be smart with their fitness (think injuries, etc). I’ve also used CFFB in my athletes and not only do they make great gains, but they love the programming. Fast and furious, heavy and hard.

  26. Silvey

    The main difference between HQ and CFFB is that CFFB would never allow for this horse shit to be made:
    (the new Reebok HQ commerical)

    If you haven’t veered away from HQ yet, this should just about do it.

  27. tw

    we dont mind if pictures of half nked chicks hanging off pullup bars are posted on the blog page

  28. PJ

    Jeff M has power snatched the correct FTW.

  29. Rus

    dasjkbsbdshkbhfdbaswfhidsfldsvbhjbbbhj (that was my head smashing into the keyboard, and thanks to cffb I hit it that much harder)

    I really don’t know how people are that dumb to ask such stoopid questions. That would be like asking Bill Gates why he like Microsoft. John, I commend your patience and tolerance of this shit.

  30. buretto

    If you take the time to look through/try both programs, you’ll find the obvious, CFFB has a regular and effective strength program that will not only push you as far as you can go on the new to exercise effect, but will carry you far beyond that amateur level. The diet encouraged on CFFB is one for athletes who are not afraid to gain mass and includes dairy. There are more sport specific movements (change of direction, short sprints, explosive heavy lifts, and just heaviness in general). These are very good things if you value strength and athleticism for sport (maybe not the sport of fitness).
    I followed CF main site or some affiliate’s variation for about 4 yrs, but always had to struggle to program in Starting Strength, Catalyst lifts, Strength Bias, or progressive overload, or Wendler, or some supplemental strength work. I still hit plateaus on my powerlifts and olympic lifts. Now, I follow the program as Rx’ed and it works. I’ve broken the plateaus and continue to progress in both strength and conditioning.

  31. ryan p

    If a mainsite athlete and a cffb athlete fight, the mainsite athlete dies

  32. Johnny on the spot

    Cross fit foot ball makes sense. If you look close you can see the thought process involved in every workout from a heavy pull one day to a press the next. John is god when it comes to programing and I can’t see any fault so far and I have tried. I don’t play football but compete in bjj and I take the structure and scale or up the movements. I obsessed for years on the main site cf wondering how the hell they came up with certain workouts that were certain to cause injury at some point. If you don”t believe me look and the injury log on there site. I often feel guilty that this program is free. Thanks John and your staff

  33. Steve H.

    On a serious comment, as a police officer I converted from main site type programming to the CFFB several months ago. The importance of pushing, pulling and having sprint speed with change of directions are undeniable in law enforcement.

  34. Michael

    I wish I could ‘like’ some of the comments up there.
    I am sure Chuck Norris does CFFB too.

  35. Jackson

    @ Steve H. I’m also a police officer and working 10 hr days with 30#+ of gear on CFFB programming is perfectly geared to the challenges on the street day in and day out. It has also upped my take downs and I am 4 for 4 in foot pursuits since committing to John and his programming.

    Big thank you to John and the CFFB team for keeping this program top rate.

  36. Todd C

    CFFB enables one to pick up heavy things, jump buildings, and breath through their eyelids. CF, as put forth on the main site, produces excess cortisol and little else.

  37. CF Main Site is what draws people into power and oly lifting, kb’s, gymnastics, etc.(which is fucking awesome) Crossfit Football is where the intelligent skeptics go to learn how to incorporate the great mix that CF offers into a periodized program that works for more than a few months before you skinny down, lose 60lbs off your back squat and get a SLAP Tear doing muscle ups for time.

    Most of the solid CF gyms are trying to plan out more lifting stuff. They just miss on balancing volume and intensity. John is fucking genius at this.

    CF Makes women hot and men skinny.
    CFFB makes women really hot and crazy strong and makes men into hard as fuck beasts that fit into conventional denim wear. When is John launching a jean company?

  38. The Boneyard

    CFFB… pick things up and put them down.

  39. Mike McD

    My 59 year old dad, who works out at a great affiliate asked me the same question. Why I do CF Football instead of a normal affiliate WOD, do I think I am too good for regular metcons?

    I told him that when you’re at a bar, which I am frequently, people look at a big, strong motherfucker and think “Wow, don’t fuck with that guy, hes fucking big”, wheras no one ever looks at a skinny “athletic” guy and says “Damn, I bet that guy can run a sick 5K, I don’t want to fuck with him”.

    Also, living in a city with a lot of young hoodlums, when the eventual incident arises that one of them decide to test their luck and fuck with the wrong guy (me) I want the last thing they think before I choke slam them into the sidewalk and take my wallet back to be “Holy shit, I didnt think that big guy could cover 50 yards that fast!”

    I mean, when I am 59 like my old man I might be in a place where light metcon and general aerobic exercise are my thing and not so much lifting heavy shit and getting more powerful…

    But I doubt it.

    Thanks John for making me more suitable for smashing faces.

  40. Joe Fendley

    ^^ this is now on my desktop, in large bold letters

  41. Alex Newman

    CF Journal=Not free with subpar articles.

    TTMJ=Free with short sweet to the point advice.

    And yes, your cock does indeed grow with CFFB.

  42. eric

    Whats the biggest difference between regular crossfit and crossfit football?

  43. Tim

    Can you just rename CFFB to the “Welbourn Doctrine”?

    Problem solved, no more comparisons.

  44. Vic

    I started doing CFFB 6 months ago – since then, my d*ck has added 3 inches…..around. I am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and perform cunnilingus for four hours without coming up for air.
    This program is amazing!!

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