Glutamine or Sheep Placenta?

Every time I buy creatine, they want to sell me glutamine as well. Should I buy it?



Also, place an order for Branch ChainĀ Amino AcidsĀ or BCAAs. I mix 5 grams of creatine, 5 grams of glutamine and 10 grams of BCAAs in my pre and post workout shake.

If they try to sell you Sheep Placenta...I would strongly advise against it.

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  1. Daz

    I hear the All Black take it

  2. Andrew

    I heard creating and glutamine cannot be absorbed well at the same time, have you ever heard that?

  3. Dan

    What brand od bcaa’s? Everything that is 4:1seems to come in pill?

  4. Is that why they beat your ass and have a cool war dance? I heard there are more sheep in OZ than in NZ.

    I am on the fence. i have read maybe 50 studies for combing creatine & glutamine and another 50 for not. And the doctors of organic chemistry on forums are on the fence. They like to quote research done by guys name “Raptor” and “Erectors 4 Life”, but I can’t find them credited in any scientific research papers. So I have contact Lalonde and he will make sense of it.

    This the BCAAs I am taking right now.
    And this is the one I would be taking but Vitamin Shoppe did not have it in stock so I ordered it

  5. Daz

    there’s more sheep in NZ than people. Tough game tonight, aussies by 12

  6. Daz – Cant find the score. Doesn’t come on until 1 am PST. i will be watching as I dont get much sleep anymore.

  7. Tyson

    I started taking ON BCAA + Creatine (has 5g of both) pre workout and a scoop of ON Hydro Whey with 8.8g of BCAA post workout. Is that a good mix? Just have to get some glutamine what’s a good glutamine only product?

    Thanks for your blog. My favorite Robb Wolf podcasts are the one with your input. You should go on more often.

  8. Daz

    nuh thats my tip mate, it’ll be a great game

  9. Mike Hollister

    John you mix that with water? TrueProtein could make a mix like that. Problem is what to mix it in… I like mixing it with chocolate milk (8 oz) pwo but I don’t want that dairy in my during the workout. Right now I do jack3d pre workout and I like it. TP has a 4:1 in a powder. Just tough to make it taste good.

  10. Nathan Greaves

    For anyone living in the UK, MaxiRAW do a decent Protein Complex which contains glutamine. I’ve found it to be superior to any other shake I’ve used.

  11. Jim G.

    John, I’m guessing that this applies to my question about deer antler extract as well… what is the logic for the players in the NFL then?

  12. yeah i take all the money i save on sheep placenta and spend it all on colustrum, and NO hyper whatever plode hard core (I need my pump)…
    joking aside, I’m with John, lets say there is some credence that these are somehow co transported/maybe utilize a common protein in the transition from gut to bloodstream, it doesn’t add up in my head that there would be complete antagonism here, on a gross chemical level.
    creatine is an ‘amino acid’ by class and structure (though not in the traditionally referred context of the ‘basic building blocks’ discussion, example IUPAC and systematic names, respectively,: 2-(Methylguanidino)ethanoic acid/2-(1-Methylcarbamimidamido)acetic acid.
    it’s naturally occuring in vertibrates and I recall reading we can get some trace amounts in beef,fish, etc. i.e. dietary. I don’t see how it makes sense biologically for the GI system to cockblock the absorption of one to prefer the other. do we just poop out copius amounts of one or the other if we eat tons of beef? my guess even on the slight chance it is LESS EFFICINET in concominant adminstration via supplements, we probably (very probably) still get more in with supplementation vs under normal physiological conditions, I don’t see the downside for chugging down on such a cheap, safe, proven compound(s).

  13. travis

    I swim on my lunch break, which gives me a 4 or 5 hour break before my weightlifting session. When should I take this cocktail of supplements?

    I can give more details on either or both of my workouts, body comp, whatever, if need be.

  14. Jim,

    I am working on the deer antler question. I need to do some research on it.

    Stay tuned.


  15. Michel

    Ive read numerous articles that debunk glutamine use, many of them claim that it would only benefit you if you were anemic and otherwise is just a waste of time. Is this true?

  16. Chad

    I don’t care that the research says glutamine doesn’t help with muscle building. It definitely helps keep things more “regular” and that’s a good enough reason for me to take it.

    As for deer antler velvet, Dr. Andro from Super Human Radio did a pretty good write up on it.

  17. AlexC

    John, do you ever cycle off creatine? There seems to be a lack of studies evaluating the long-term effects of supplementing with creatine (at least in my searches), whether it’s pertaining to renal or cardiac health, or becoming dependent on supplemented creatine. I was wondering what your thoughts are on cycling off of creatine, maybe in a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle using 5-10g/day?

  18. Kevin H


    When is the best time to take BCAAs? I have heard conflicting things about during and post workout. And what about rest days?


  19. james V

    I’ve been using the Scivation BCAA’s for over a year. I love this product. But ive been attempting to cut out my artificial sweeteners. What are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners in suppliments? Should i just stop being a bitch about artificial sweeteners and continue taking this awesome product?

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