Zombie Preparation Update

I get a few questions and comments a day on my Zombie Preparation posts. Recently, someone asked if I would make any changes to weapons choices.

Yes. I have come across a few new weapons I would add to my zombie survival list.

The first weapon on our updated list just missed the cut for the last Zombie Preparation posts and after some serious consideration, it lands on top.

The Saiga-12 semi-automatic shotgun. This AK-styled semi-automatic shotgun is manufactured by the arms division of Izhmash, in Russia. The AK platform is the most widely used weapons platform in the world. The AK-47 was invented in 1946 and continues to be used worldwide due to it's reliability and simplicity and Izhmash took the AK platform to the shotgun. While, the Saiga is a formidable weapon, it is known to have some flaws. But we live in a great country full of craftsman, so I knew there were gunsmiths that could take this gun to a whole new level. R&R Targets is just one of these gunsmiths. They offer a complete custom overhaul for the Saiga, making this it sit at the top of our list.


Switching gears for the technical to the primitive, we meet our next addition...the Shillelagh. The English banned the possession of the shillelagh in Ireland more than a few hundred years ago. However, those crafty Irishman just extended the length to make them double as walking sticks. Today, there is still a martial art surrounding the use of fighting shillelaghs. Traditionally, they are made from hardened blackthorn wood and can crush a cinderblock with a blow. I think for an everyday "walking stick" this might the weapon of choice for day to day.

And the final addition is called The Beast. This tactical katana created by John Gage swords is about a close as most people are going to get to a real katana. With a blade length of 18 inches and weighing just over a pound this sword is good to go.

Thanks for tuning in to this addition of Zombie Preparation Updates.

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5 Responses to Zombie Preparation Update

  1. Bob Newbert

    I’m going to have to go with the Gorgon.


    That is epic. I might have to order just to see if up close.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. The shillelagh is a nice choice. I find it interesting to watch dudes around this type of weapon. You find out who is aggressive and who isn’t with one of these around in my opinion. The reason I say this is because a good friend keeps a cudgel on display in his office and all the “lions” handle it while the “lambs” ignore it.

    What do you think about a kukri? My grandfather used tell me stories about Gurkhas he had served with in WWII. He always admired them for a several reasons and found the kukri to be an intimidating weapon. They beheaded a lot of Nazis then and they behead a lot of Taliban now. I know you are partial to samauri swords, but I was curious if you had considered the kukri.


    Congratualtions on the twins and good luck with the rehab.

  3. Jeremy-Diablo CF

    Been digging he Saiga for a number of years. Excellent choice. Personally, I went with a Mossberg for a few reasons (price, and the ability to change ammo on the fly -buck to slug for example), set up with a knoxx industries stock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcoUpm0pZ0U

    After reading about Jeff Cooper’s “Scout Rifle” I decided to go with an AR-10, and a decent scope that gets me out to about 600 yards.

    On the short range side, I do love my kukri, but it is a bit heavy and short. An 18″ blade would be nice.

    For more of a multipurpose tool/weapon, have you seen the “Annhiliator” demolition hammer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2plToiFTZeo


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  5. You’ll definitely want to add this little toy to your anti-zombie arsenal Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector.

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