NFL Training Secrets

Phil Simms was the number seven overall selection in the 1979 NFL Draft. He played his entire professional career with the NY Giants and was MVP of Super Bowl XXI. He finished his career with 33,462 passing yards and is now a broadcaster for CBS.

Many of you know Phil for his Sunday job broadcasting the NFL, or being the "go to" QB on Tecmo Bowl. I choose, however, to remember Phil for his greatest work: "Phil Simms NFL Workout."


One day, I will walk in the foot steps of giants and invite my friends to part in a workout video. Short shorts, tucked in jerseys and feathered hair are mandatory.

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  1. Big Josh

    Phil Simms was good, but he didn’t have the unstoppable Bo Jackson in the backfield.

  2. Daz

    How did game survive this scandal ???

  3. Robbie

    Some BIG names in there! Richardson’s permed mullet is amazing…though, I can’t believe that Simms let a Cowboy in his room, even if it is Dorsett. Note the absence of Eagles.

    Go Giants.

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  5. JW – first of all my man, this video is the shiz!

    Home boys at 70s BIG would be in approval thanks to the BIG hair and BIG stache.

    They would feature ALL those chicks on their site because of the BIG hair. The reason why I probably missed your call is that you need to lower your radio when driving as I thought I heard that old school disco on a voice mall so I mistook your call for a prank call.

    When I met you in Ct I thought it was strange that you were jogging in place and shaking your booty as we chatted training, but now I respect your moves because I see they are truly “old school strength”, so I’m glad that is out of the way.

    The only suggestion is that you need to add this video to the “requirements” section of your cert when the ladies ask how they should dress when attending, now they know!

    Great video, looking forward to your video, hopefully on VHS and not on DVD, gotta keep it real!!



  6. Heavy Evy

    What the F$%K was that! I sort of remember the whole Jane Fonda workout video craze, but NFL’ers……better have been a huge payday to prance around like that.

    I’d enter myself in “Dancing With The Stars” before ever appeaing in an areobics video!

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  9. freddy c._one world

    The 80’s were just badass. You young bucks just have no fucking idea. I’m trying to talk Chyna into dressing like those chicks for the Regional Qualifier. The shock factor alone would be a huge edge on the competition.

  10. stahl


    Given the proven correlation between jorts and NFL greatness, shouldn’t jorts be the mandatory bottom in your workout video? Of course, they would be short jorts. Prn star ‘staches are also a plus.

  11. Sweet video. Regardless of what they were doing they were having a blast, the energy was off the charts. I was disappointed not to see a Gary Anderson led strength portion. Kickers know all the tricks. Great stuff, way to keep it loose.

  12. 3:53 . . . he is totally enjoying this workout!

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  14. Andy Blaida

    Glad you liked the video, cracked me up

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