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I was up late last night working on site designs when an email hit my inbox from our friend, Kenneth in Copenhagen, Denmark at Butcher’s Garage. I know you have heard of Butcher’s Lab, but have you heard of Butcher’s Garage?


Kenneth and crew open a gym located in a large 1200 m2 old worthy production plant in Valby, Copenhagen. The spot is dedicated to training heavy and Football-style workouts; 2 connected rooms, one fitted with indoor turf, running tracks, sledge hammers, prowlers, fat bars, trap bars, power sprints, ladders, and the second arranged as a functional (CrossFit) gym with pull-up racks, ropes, etc.

To make sure they got the new place off on the right foot they held the Butcher’s “Stronger” Challenge, a football inspired challenge with 300 people showing up for the event.

I was excited to see the pictures and watch the video as me, Raphael and CFFB staff are headed to Denmark and Butcher’s Garage for a seminar on June 4 & 5.

This is our only planned date for Europe, so if you are wanting a 2 day dose of CrossFit Football and training with myself and company hit the event at Butcher’s Garage.

I am trying to talk the guys into having the post party at a shanty in Christiana for those of you that are adventurous.

Here is a list of the workouts and a video.


WOD #1

“Butcher’s Garage Total” (Football Total with a Twist)

The team (3 persons) has 20 min. to establish 2 x 1RM lifts on the following lifts:
Deadlift (with a twist – to be revealed on the 19 FEB)
Back squat
Bench press
Clean (anyhow)
The 2 heaviest lifts in each discipline (fx. deadlift) performed by 2 different people will go into the Butcher’s Garage Total. As it is a team event, each team member has to contribute with at least 2 lifts in 2 disciplines (fx. 1 bench press + 1 clean). The team may try as many lifts as possible and in any order. After the 20 min., the judge needs to have 2 scores on each lift performed by 2 different team members.

Judges will NOT help loading + unloading the bar. Each team will have 1 bar, 1 bench, 1 squat rack and enough bumper plates. Lowest bumper plates will be 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 2,5 kg., 2 x 1, 25 kg.

Example – score (Kenneth, Anders and Henrik are in the same team):

Deadlift: Kenneth 200 kg + Anders 200 kg. = 400 kg. 
Back squat: Henrik 200 kg. + Anders 200 kg. = 400 kg.
 Bench press: Kenneth 100 kg. + Henrik 100 kg. = 200 kg.
 Clean (anyhow): Kenneth 100 kg. + Anders 100 kg. = 200 kg.
 Butcher’s Garage Total = 1200 kg.

(Kenneth does 3 lifts, Anders does 3 lifts, Henrik does 2 lifts)

Heats: 3 teams in each heat, time limit: 20 min.

WOD #2

“Tire, Sledge and Prowler Flu”

A prowler, sledge, tire, and sandbag relay.

For time:

1st team member has to push the prowler (on the high end) from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grab his sandbag and run back

2nd team member has to pull the sledge from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grab his sandbag and run back

3rd team member has to do tire flips from one end of the turf (kunstgræs) to the other, then grab his sandbag and run back


1st team member grabs his sand bag, runs back to the prowler, dumps the sand back, and pushes the prowler (on the low end) back.

2nd team member grabs his sand bag, runs back to the sledge, dumps the sand back, and drags the sledge backwards back.

3rd team member grabs his sand bag, runs back to the tire, dumps the sand back, and flips the tire back.

Weight + distance will be revealed on the day of the competition.

Heats: 2 teams in each heat, time limit: 12 min.


“Butcher’s Handshake”

For a total time:

The 1st team member does:

9-6-3 reps of:

DB thrusters 24/16 kg. in each hand

DB box walk 24/16 kg. in each hand

DB hammer curls 24/16 kg. in each hand

then…2nd team member does:

3(men)/ 2(women) rounds of “DT”:

70/50 kg. Deadlift, 12 reps

70/50 kg. Hang Power Clean, 9 reps

70/50 kg. Push Jerk, 6 reps

LAST the 3rd team member does:

36/26 KB snatch @ 32/24 kg.

Heats: 4 teams in each heat, time limit: 15 min.


“Hesher Heaven, Hipster Hell”

Complete Farmer’s walks for 4 min. The team who walks the longest distance wins. You can switch as many times as you like.

Weight will be revealed on the day of the competition.

The 2 best male and the 2 best female teams will compete in the finale.

Heats: 2 teams in each heat x 2 heats, time limit: 4 min.



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9 Responses to Butcher’s Garage

  1. I was there, and it was an awesome event! Both to compete & and watch the other athletes, was fantastic. I’m looking forward to the football cert – cya on the turf!

  2. What were the prowler weights?

  3. The prowler weights where 150 kg’s (men) & 100 kg’s (women). First run was with the highbar & second with lowbar grip. It proved, to no surprise, that the second prowler-run was really grueling.

  4. I bet, it looked like it was awful.

  5. john

    What was the Dead Lift twist?

  6. KD

    The Dead Lift twist was using a trap bar (that’s new for the danes:)

    The weight in the final was average team BW X 1,7.

  7. Kauf

    Hey John.
    The “Twist” was The Trap Bar, which almost no one in Denmark has tried before.

  8. Luuk

    I love this video from the event:

    One of the best “victory poses” by a freakin strong dane!

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