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Hey John,

First, thank you for all the great free information you provide!

I am in the process of rebuilding a gym I took over. We are a CrossFit affiliate. I have my degree in exercise science and coaching, ACSM CPT, CF Level 1 and will be attending the CrossFit Football seminar in Tampa this December. I took over managing my affiliate in February. I would like to rename the gym and become a more S&C oriented facility, since this is my area of focus and expertise (I train numerous D1-D3 athletes and amateur lifters as well as other athletes). However, I am young and unaware of the requirements to be titled, if any, a strength and conditioning facility. I am also looking into getting my USAW certification to start a lifting team. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I will have many other questions at the seminar in December, but this would be a great help in my over all formulation of my gyms direction!


Ben Cockshott


You have most of the pre-reqs covered. In my book, a S&C oriented atmosphere needs a few things. An open mind. A willingness to learn. A clear defined plan for each athlete. And a coach that can actually helping them achieve that goal. A desire to go learn from the best in the S&C community. Be critical of your abilities, know your limitations and never lose sight of having fun.

We fail at the margin of our experience.

As for the facility, enough equipment to effectively implement your program. Pretty tough to train powerlifters with 300 lbs of bumper plates and a few kettlebells. Or football players with no place to sprint.

As for the name, I think that is up to you. If you want to include strength & conditioning in the title you have my permission. I am pretty sure you will not receive a cease & desist letter from anyone, but you never can be too careful these days.

Now to become a Talk To Me Johnnie/Power Athlete recommended facility...


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4 Responses to Strength & Conditioning Facility

  1. Kestrel

    Name it Cockshott S&C with the tagline “Get Cockshott Strong!!!!”

  2. Ben

    Thanks John! I didn’t think you’d actually answer my question on here (pretty cool). Can’t wait for the football cert, should be epic!

  3. Kyle

    Just curious, what is your book that you referenced, and were can I find it?

  4. Ben L

    I agree with ketsrel

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